September 17, 2014

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They still like each other!

  • Bible study today and unfortunately we hit snooze ten too many times so I scurried around before waking up the kids.  And even worse than that, I hadn't folded the laundry yet (Robby did later) nor did I start the dishwasher last night-oh, there is nothing worse than that!  The kids woke up well and some even started on chores before I had breakfast ready.  Reagan last night asked why trash and cleaning potties had to both be on a day when we are trying to leave early-that was a pretty good questions (and poor scheduling on my part) but since we even managed to get it done this morning, I will keep it that way for a while since ti is nice to have things finished.  
  • All that hurrying around like we were going to be late and we arrived to Bible study about 10 minutes early.  That was perfect because by the time that I dropped everyone off, it was time for Bible study to start.  Again this week in the car when we were going around telling what we learned or did, Keaton talked and talked and talked.  Reagan did her best to try to cut Keaton off or finish her sentences so other people could go and then they could start a movie.
  • We had our picnic lunch at Lilli's park and the Heltz joined us.  The big kids all sat together so Candice and I hung out with Whitman, Charlotte and Michael as we ate.  My kids just picked at their food but that was fine since we didn't pack me a lunch so I was able to graze from their leftovers. They had a bit of time to play before we loaded up and headed to see Beebee.
  • Beebee was fine today-in a good mood and ready to pass out candy and money to the kids.  We didn't stick around too long-Whitman was in a bit of a mood and ready to go.  When we were walking out today, the poor lady who tries to escape from the nursing home thought she would try to walk out with us.  I knew she was going to try this so we hadn't even opened the door yet but her buzzer went off and caused quite the panic at the front.  Everyone always know when the Dennies come to the nursing home!
  • When we finally made it home, Whitman and Keaton had their nap and Reagan wanted to play chess or Clue.  I told her that I would happily play it tomorrow-on Wednesdays, I just need some quite time.  Even if it is quiet time while emptying the dishwasher.  
  • Soon it was time to have supper before heading to church.  The puppet show was short enough for me to work on my Bible study some so that was good.  As soon as the kids were in the car tonight, they were asking for a snack-I guess Wednesdays are so busy that they have to eat more. Wednesdays are also so busy that my Campbell was so tired tonight.  She was actually pretty tired this afternoon too and would have fallen asleep if she would have just sat down.  

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