September 12, 2014-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Happy 9th Birthday Reagan!

  • The birthday girl was one of the first ones up this morning.  She was ready to get this day of celebrations started.  The first order of business though was quite a bit of time in the toy room with everyone before we started breakfast.  Once we did have breakfast, her waffles had a candle and we sang.  We have sang Happy Birthday so much today (and yesterday and will tomorrow) that I have heard Whitman today singing "birthday" over and over again.
  • As soon as Reagan was finished with breakfast, she said "should I do my chores now?"  I said sure and she walked over to discover that her chore list of the day had been replaced with Happy Birthdays.  She was pleased-though the boys were not since they had been given her chores.  Actually, no one really had any real chores today-my laundry wasn't folded so not one could put it up, my dishwasher had pots, pans and lots of big things in it and not plates and cups and the toy room was already picked up.  
  • After breakfast, we started on school.  Today was a light day since it was a birthday so everyone was finished by 10ish.  That was nice-especially for me because I had a few pre-birthday party things to accomplish.  Some of their "light day" of school consisted of looking up a verse in the Bible and then finding one of the words from the verse in the dictionary, working on their fun phonics and both boys had to do something with their sisters (Anderson had to read to Campbell and Graham had to play fishing for letters with Keaton). 
  • My kids are funny because I can never figure them out.  I had a game for the little girls today-hide different colored popsicles and then they had to find them and mark the correct one off until they found them all.  I knew my big kids would want to help hide them for the girls but I had no idea that we would play the game multiple times with Graham and Reagan probably enjoying it more than Campbell and Keaton.  
  • I couldn't really think of a spectacular birthday lunch so I went with the standard-pb and j.  Reagan got to pick what we read at lunch so she wanted to read Grimm's Cinderella.  We didn't get to the part that she really wanted to get to today-when the stepsisters cut off their toes and heel so their foot could fit into Cinderella's shoe.  
  • We just had a bit of time before leaving to meet Robby.  Our first stop was the Nutrition Center-I had a few pages to fill out for Anderson's study.  Though I really have no idea why they couldn't ask Robby those questions-highest level of education, his occupation, and his current salary-I am pretty sure he knows all of that stuff too.  I did have to fill out a few pages for behaviors that have been a problem with Anderson in the last 6 weeks-sometimes a problem, often a problem or never a problem.  I know I am pretty easy going but I think we just have good kids-I struggled to really mark anything.  I mean he is easily distracted during school, sometimes forgets to pick up after himself and has started to use a new ugly tone occasionally with me but none of those are really "problems."  I mean they aren't great behaviors but they are corrected when asked so I can't really mark them as problems.  Hope that doesn't disappoint them!
  • Then we went to Sonic-we went to the one on Cantrell so we could eat inside.  Robby had a minute and ran to buy cookies for the birthday girl.  So we had slushes and cookies and again sang Happy Birthday.  Weeks ago, Anderson had asked me to buy Reagan some rainbow looms for her birthday.  Of course I forgot until the last minute and thankfully, Nonna was able to save the day and pick me up some.  Graham couldn't wait to give Reagan the ones from him at breakfast and Anderson said he would give her the ones from him at Sonic but once we got there, he decided to wait until her birthday party.  
  • After Sonic, we dropped Graham off at Grannymom's house.  The kids thought that we would never get there coming from Cantrell but finally we made it and before I could even put the car in park, Graham was out of the van door.  I followed him in but I guess he thought I was dropping him off because he tried to shut the door behind himself even though I was walking in to.  He could not wait...and if he had only known what he was going to get to do-his own trip to Big Rock.  Grandpa sent Robby a picture of Graham on the go-carts.  That boy must have been in heaven (he missed the trip there for Cash's birthday and was so disappointed about it).  
  • Our afternoon flew by at home with me working in the kitchen accomplishing not a whole lot.  We weren't really home too long before it was time to eat and leave again.  Our Sunday school class had a fellowship at church so the kids all went to child care there.  Reagan brought 2 dozen cupcakes to share with her closest friends.  Anderson said that they even sang to her tonight. 
  • Even though we picked the kids up after 9, they were still going strong and could have stayed for another hour or two.  My girls were so excited to be in a class together and loved, loved watching a movie.  And Reagan and Anderson enjoyed playing in the game room.  And Whitman, well, I think he is just so cute that his teachers spoil him rotten (I might be guilty of doing that as well!)
  • Once at home, the kids quickly went to sleep and Robby and I started on picking up a bit.  Since there are 3 ballgames in the morning and the yard needs to be mowed in the afternoon, there will not be too much time to get ready for the party!  So we did all we could tonight.  

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