September 26, 2014

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  • I had been good for so many days getting up to walk before everyone else (3!) but today was Friday so I took the morning off.  About 15 minutes after me hitting snooze, the kids were stirring and were soon awake-maybe I should have gone on the the treadmill.  No, I laid on the floor with Graham for a while when the bed was too full of other people for us to find a spot.
  • Robby went to work so we had breakfast-applesauce, cereal and leftover bread and butter from yesterday.  Then I urged everyone go move to the school room-this was Friday so their work load was a bit easier and they had all finished one box yesterday so you would have thought everyone would have finished quicker but nope.  That was fine though because we still had plenty of time to do our reading-we have already started on the next Sarah, Plain and Tall book-Skylark.  My Graham was the last one today.  He spent lots of time goofing off plus lots of time lamenting about his math-he just started subtracting 9s and it has thrown him for a loop.  
  • We were a bit late getting lunch so there was no time to cook anything and there was no bread that was thawed so it was breakfast burritos.  I was pretty sure that no one would eat them but the kids devoured them.  Anderson and Keaton both had two.  And my Whitman, who usually throw them and anything like that on the floor, ate most of his-though he was sitting in his high chair for a long, long time.  But he really has to sit there for a while since he is so distracted with his drink and all of the other entertainment that he has during meal times.  
  • After lunch, we started on our Van Gogh pictures and then I worked on pulling out Anderson's school work for the next month.  Soon Grannymom and Grandpa showed up to take Campbell away.  My Campbell started packing this morning-I made sure she had underwear, a toothbrush, pajamas and her uniform for tomorrow but I do not have any idea why her backpack weighed at least 20 pounds when she left the house.  That girl was so very excited-I hope she is decent since she has gotten quite the attitude with me lately!  
  • After she left, Whitman went down for a nap and I started on going through some clothes-I was able to find some for us now, some for us later, and some to give away.  Now I have decided that I am going to work on cleaning out my clothes attic-probably should just go ahead and clean out the whole house.  Stuff, stuff, stuff everywhere I look.  
  • Robby was home just a few minutes after I finished picking up my clothes mess and after we unloaded his groceries, the kids played outside for a minute and then we went to eat.  We grabbed supper at Taco Bueno and then walked around Home Depot looking for stain.  My big 3 lost their minds and didn't know how to act so we didn't get to browse as long as I would have liked.  Those stinkers!  Maybe we should take them shopping more often.
  • Next up it was bedtime at home-no one complained at all about going to bed even though it was a tiny bit early.  Football is early, early in the morning and it is my Keaton's birthday!  

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