September 24, 2014

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Lunch at the park!

  • Bible study morning and everyone did great getting up and getting ready.  Most chores were done by breakfast and we were able to have a leisurely breakfast.  When it was time to go, I told the kids to put on their shoes and get into the car. They put on their shoes but somehow didn't find their way into the car but started playing basketball outside.  I strongly encouraged them to get themselves into the car-immediately!
  • We made it to Bible study on time-dropping everyone off was a bit of a big deal today.  Whitman, of course, didn't want to go and Keaton did not want to be taken next so she hesitated.  Graham and Campbell were the ones causing all of this madness by saying that they didn't want to be first so I made it clear that they would be dropped off when I walked to their room-gracious me.  That hallway is so long (and ill-designed) that I am not going to waltz up and down it dropping people off.
  • At the end of Bible study, my kids were thrilled to find out that all of our buddies would be eating at a park with us. This mean a huge game of tag for them and lots of time to chat for me-we were all happy.  After playing for a while, we finally loaded up and headed to see Beebee.
  • Pops, on his crutch, was there and thankfully, he had brought more candy to fill Beebee's candy bucket.  This made the kids very, very happy-made me happy too since I didn't pack myself a lunch today and was hungry.  Some days I feel like the kids are pretty wound up at Beebee's place and this was one of those days.  But tired kids that just came from a park sitting in a hot, cramped room can only lead to disaster.  I should be thankful that none of our visits have resulted in a disaster-I consider a disaster to be knocking an old person down or knocking Beebee out of her wheelchair.
  • Once at home-and yes, I am still taking the long way so the kids won't see Sonic during happy hour-the kids found some tree leaves for science and then played a bit of basketball.  Once they came inside, I put Keaton and Whitman to bed.  Then we finished Farmer Boy-finally!
  • We had supper and then the kids were told to put on their shoes and get into the car.  And just like last time, I had some that did and others that didn't.  I thought that when I closed the van doors or started it, I would garner their attention.  But no, they didn't even seem to notice when Robby and I climbed in the van.  I had whispered to him about them playing ball-again-when time to get into the car.  So he put the car into reverse and we started inching out of the garage (he was carefully watching them).  
  • We backed up about a foot when Campbell came running up to Robby's window with her ugly cry face on and waving her hands.  The boys were right behind her wildly shouting.  Robby rolled down the window and said "oh, we thought you guys weren't going since you weren't in the car."  Now Keaton was in the car almost hysterical that we were leaving people but Reagan told her that we were teasing and now she really thought it was funny.  Robby and I were incredibly tickled at our antics but hopefully my people learned a bit of a lesson (probably not!)
  • Robby and I both read during church tonight-trying to finish library books-we only stopped to be our puppets for a few minutes each time.  Each and every time Robby is a puppet, he uses a different voice-keeps me on my toes for sure.  
  • Once we made it home, we had a bit of a snack and then it was bedtime for the kids.  Tomorrow is Sarah, Plain and Tall day so my kids are really excited-I am too!

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