September 10, 2014

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Ain't she a cutie!

  • Bible study morning and Robby and I were awake before anyone else.  Even with clothes laid out, bags packed, lunches made and everything that we could imagine ready, there is still a lot of running around on Bible study mornings. Thankfully, we were ready on time-actually in time to eat breakfast and to get our morning chores accomplished.
  • We met Nonna down the road so she could drop off Reagan.  Reagan had her new shirt on and was pretty pleased about her shoes that she bought for her birthday-they didn't have a strap!  Nonna was thankful that Reagan didn't ask for any with a heel.  
  • Bible study was good-what we are talking about there corresponds exactly to the stories that we have been reading about at bedtime.  I am much more excited about that than the kids.  When we leave Bible study, I always ask the kids what they learned or talked about.  Last year, Keaton couldn't really tell us much about what she did but this year she talk and talks and talks until I cut her off so someone else can have a turn.  Likewise, Campbell can now tell us about the Bible story that they talked about.  I always take a turn sharing what we talked about in my group.  This was my take-away from big group today "if you tolerate it, they will embrace it."  Ay, ay, ay that is some scary stuff.
  • We were going to go to the park today after Bible study but Sara said it was too hot and invited us over.  So we brought our ice chest in and all had lunch.  The kids gobbled down their lunches so they could have some time to play.  After a bit of playing, we loaded back up and headed to Beebees.
  • So my Beebee story today is she told me that she wanted to give the kids their dollars today.  Then she looked at me and said "take off my shoe."  Of course, I was confused by this but did as asked, then I was instructed to remove the insert in the shoe.  Well, lo and behold, there was her money in the bottom of her shoe.  Keaton happily passed out the sweaty cash to everyone.   I was sure that they would want to spend their money at Sonic happy hour on the way home today-so I went the other way.  I am sure that probably makes me a bad mom but I really just wanted to get home since it had already been a long morning.
  • We read some and then the kids watched a few movies before we did some school work.  I politely explained that Anderson would be out tomorrow since he would be at the Nutrition Center and it would really help if he could do some of his school work today.  I went on to say that Graham and Reagan would also do some along with him.  As kind as I was my requests were met with much protest.  But finally some work was done even though they acted like it was the worst 12 minutes of their life-yep, just asked them to work for 12 minutes while supper was finishing!
  • Then it was time to meet Robby at church for tonight's activities.  Church tonight makes for a long night but well worth it.  Of course the kids needed showers tonight-even Whitman who had to have a quick shower before church since he had a diaper explosion right as I was getting everyone into the car! 
  • The kids had a quick snack and then it was bedtime.  Blessed bedtime!  Anderson had to wear a watch to measure his sleep patterns (or something) for his visit tomorrow so that would be interesting to know exactly how well he sleeps-with 4 siblings in the room!

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