September 1, 2014

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Last Day at the Pool :(

  • Quick summary of the day-3 hair cuts, 5 loads of laundry, 3 hours swimming, 2 football practices, bottom floor of house vacuumed and swept-this holiday stuff is tough!  One of the boys were up first (isn't that horrible?  I don't even know if it was Anderson or Graham) and then Campbell was down shortly.  She did lay by me for a bit on the floor and for a while we just thought about laying in bed all day long-that would be how to properly celebrate a holiday.
  • As Robby ran and as we were finished up breakfast, Nonna and Pops stopped by to tell everyone bye.  They were heading out on their trip.  After we waved bye to them, the kids started on their chores-brush their teeth, read for 20 minutes, do 2 school boxes and then one real chore (dishes, laundry, fold towels, or Dad's choice)  I often put "Dad's choice" or "Mom's choice" on someones chores when I can't think of anything better to write down.  
  • Robby then cut the boys hair and I trimmed his before we had everyone get ready and load up for swimming.  Dana, Lilly, Cash, Grannymom and Grandpa were all at the pool.  Robby had hot dogs for everyone and Dana had chips and desserts.  The kids didn't really need any food at the pool-they just needed their cousins to play with.  
  • And gracious me-my Anderson.  The pool has strong jets that Anderson and the boys used to create a water cannon with a pool noodle.  I wish that I would have gotten a picture of this-just imagine Cash and Graham holding the pool noodle to the jet with Anderson holding to other end of the noodle with water squirting out at least 10 feet-all the while he was screaming "water war." 
  • We ran home for a bit-Whitman and Keaton napped and the others watched a movie.  Robby and I unloaded and reloaded ice chests, bags and the car.  All I wanted to do was to take a nap like the little people but alas I put on my big girl panties and swept as Robby vacuumed.
  • Next up was football practice for Anderson's team-that is one serious team.  Those little second graders played about 5 daddies during their scrimmage.  After 2 practices, Anderson is probably now qualified to play for a college team.  It was a bit intense over there-and on the other side of the field, a team was playing "red light, green light."  
  • Then we had Graham's practice.  By this time, Whitman was ready to go and wasn't satisfied.  We walked down to the pond and he just looked and looked at it.  Keaton and Campbell enjoyed that walk too especially since Jason was with us.  Reagan and Anderson were able to help Robby some with Graham's practice.  
  • Keaton noticed that she wasn't getting to help so I told her that she could later.  So after practice, she went up to Robby and said that she wanted "to coach."  Robby and the kids played a little game of football since no one was at Raymar.  The kids enjoyed that but they were one tired crew when we finally had them home and showered!

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