September 16, 2014

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Cooking in the Kitchen with Keaton!

  • I woke up before 7 this morning and Robby was already out of bed-probably should have gotten up and been productive.  I've really been thinking about getting up to exercise-I was trying to do it in the afternoon but when I stopped, I really realized how much extra time in the afternoon I have.  (Today we worked on our chess game and played Clue which I had never played.)
  • Robby got Campbell off to school with our breakfast of toast and yogurt in her tummy.  Anderson was very excited because today we had yoplait yogurt and it was in the little container-what a treat!  That is a big, big deal around here.  
  • We soon started on school and the kids did really well today.  I did spend a lot of the day changing poor Whitman's diapers.  Twice today I lost him and then found him sitting quietly playing with something-once putting markers in and taking them out of a bag and then playing with magnets on the magnet board.  Another time I lost him, I found him sitting in a puddle of poop-but that is another story!
  • After reading for about 45 minutes and then all through lunch, my voice was a bit scratchy during chore time.  The kids always do great with their chores and sometimes I wonder how I managed to get everything accomplished without their help.  Each of the kids all have the chore that they really like to do-Reagan likes putting the laundry away, Graham likes cleaning the bathroom cabinets and Anderson...well, he doesn't really enjoy any of the chores but does them without too many complaints and Campbell likes to avoid me during chore time to get out of work.  But my Keaton is the one who really wants to help out the most-she will gladly ask about her chores every single day. Most of the time she needs someone to help her but she is always willing to help.
  • After chores the kids played on their kindles until it was rest time for my little people.  Yesterday, it was 2 before I realized it but today it seemed that we had a long time before it turned 2.  After Keaton and Whitman went to bed, we did play Clue and the kids begged Robby to play tonight but we opted for Ninja Warrior instead and to save Clue for a night that the 2 littles aren't around.
  • Nonna and Pops brought Campbell home. Campbell had been cooking at Nonna's house and was so happy to deliver a plate of brownies for us.  And the crew here were very happy to taste test them. Around 3:30, the kids started watching their movies.  My Campbell and Keaton ended up in the school room watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood-which I love.  It is a cartoon based on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood which was one of my favorite shows.
  • Robby didn't make it home til much later than usual.  We had leftover taco salad and then the kids had a bit of time to play while the boys had their hair but-no, not Whitman...yet.  Then it was time to watch the Ninja show.  And then it was Bible story time and bedtime....and time for me to finish off Campbell's brownies.

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