September 6, 2014

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Football Season has Begun!

  • Today was a tooth losing, sunburn getting, finger spraining, asthma breather kind of day...that all amounts to a good day in Dennie land!  We were up before the kids and Robby even had to wake them up with his call of "are you ready to play some football?"
  • That didn't take too long for everyone to stir and come down stairs to put on their uniforms.  The kids kept asking if they could get Whitman up (they usually can wake him anytime as long as I already have had my shower and brushed my teeth).  They knew I was ready and asked to wake him but we said no.  They ate breakfast and asked to wake him but we said no.  They put on their shoes and asked to wake him but we said no.  We wanted that baby to sleep as long as he could since today was going to be super long for him.
  • I did pull Whitman out of bed just as we backed out of the driveway and threw him in the car.  We left a few minutes early so I ran quickly in to drop of my grandmother's laundry and then hurried back out.  And we still made it in plenty of time to set our chairs up on field 1 to watch Reagan and Campbell cheer.
  • My Campbell was the first child out of the tunnel and when she came bursting out she had her pom poms waving and was grinning from ear to ear.  Then Reagan came-she wasn't as peppy-I think she concentrates really hard on not falling down in front of everyone.  
  • The girls cheered their hearts out-one Dennie cheered more than the other.  Oh, and they weren't on field 1 so we had to move our set upped chairs and wagon full of supplies to last 8 people the entire day on the football field (imagine taking a family of 4 camping for a weekend-that is all of the stuff we had the games today).  
  • Anderson along with Grannymom and Grandpa arrived in time to watch the girls some.  Anderson was happy to tell us that the tooth fairy brought him $1.25 last night.  Seriously?  I do think the tooth fairy in Grannymom's neighborhood outdid herself.  That would around 150 bucks the Lawson tooth fairy would have to spend on these children's teeth!  Tonight, the tooth fairy will be reverting back to 1980s prices-10 cents!  Yes, top tooth number 2 of Anderson's came out this afternoon.  Not only does the child look funny but I think that he now has a bit of a lisp!
  • Back to the games, Graham's game was next and his team did really well.  Graham caught a pass and ran with it for about 10-20 yards before his flag was pulled.  His team won and even more important, Graham had a really good time.  Robby coached that team and was pleased with how everything went.
  • After Graham's game, we had a choice-sit out in the hot sun for an hour and a half or go find some food to eat.  This is "no spend month" so we didn't really want to eat out un-necessarily.  (No spend month is just for fun to see how much we could really save if we worked hard at it)  But we decided that lunch at McDonalds was well worth it to cool off for a bit before Anderson's game. 
  • Grannymom volunteered to take Whitman and Keaton with her so we certainly let her.  They rested a bit and cooled off at her house while Jason and the rest of us went to McDonalds.  We all ate and then the kids migrated outside to play on the play area.  Surprisingly it wasn't too hot outside there so they had a fun time and it really did make the day for faster-certainly worth the 12 bucks we spent on lunch,
  • Back to Raymar to watch Anderson's team. He had to be there 30 minutes early so they could practice-yep, that is how seriously they take it.  (During their extra practice, Graham jammed/sprained his finger pretty good when playing catch with Robby)  And I guess that extra practice time did pay off because they pretty much stomped the other team-I guess, I really didn't keep up with the score.  I just know they won.  My Anderson received 2 hand offs and ran both time 10-20 yards each time.  We were tickled with that and so pleased with the entire football/cheerleading morning.  
  • By the time we had gotten home, I could see everyone turning different shades of red-Robby is the most glowing (no sunscreen), followed by me (tiny bit of sunscreen) and surprisingly enough my fair skinned, blonde headed Whitman is the one who doesn't look sunburned at all!
  • At home, the awake people had showers and the asleep people took a nap (Keaton and Whitman).  Everyone rested for a bit until it was time for the girls and me to load up for the birthday party of one of Keaton's friends.  
  • My Keaton was so excited about her first friend party-she held the present, she told her friend happy birthday, she was a perfect angel.  Of course Reagan made sure that Campbell and Keaton were doing the right thing but even my Campbell helped Keaton.  One mom was pulling her kids around in the wagon so Campbell took Keaton's hand and they stood there in line waiting on their turn.  I tried to grab my camera and get a picture of them waiting holding hands but I missed that kodak moment!  
  • We had hot dogs and cake.  Campbell was ready to go pretty early (she was tired from the day) so when we decided to leave, Keaton said "what about the craft?" that she had overheard the mom talking about.  So we ran to the backyard to pull out the craft for the girls to do quickly before we headed home.  
  • On the way home, my girls divvied up their goodie bag and ate jelly beans.  They had all had a great time.  Meanwhile, the boys at home at eaten supper and even watched the last half of the hogs football game.  Anderson was so excited to watch the game and when it was over, they even watched some of wipe out.  Now, when just boys are at home, they also were able to play a bit of catch in the house.  
  • When my crew finally arrived back home, we quickly put everyone to bed.  My Anderson was doing a bit of coughing so I made sure he had a few puffs of his breather before going to sleep.  It was a long day but a pretty great day!  

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