September 20, 2014

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Anderson suits up twice...

  • Football morning but no one was really moving quickly. I was the first one up and got my shower and then started calling the kids down to get ready.  Soon clothes were flying, I was doing hair, teeth were being brushed and shoes were being put on.  It was pretty record time to get us ready. Robby quickly loaded the ice chest while I held everyone off on grabbing their own breakfast.  
  • We decided that the 3rd game of soccer deserved a special breakfast of doughnuts-or maybe we were just starting Robby's birthday celebration early-either way, nothing beats a Shipley's chocolate filled doughnut.  Now my kids wouldn't know about that because Robby and I quickly and quietly shoved our chocolate filled doughnuts into our face as we headed to the football field.  Of course we had to turn the movie up louder so no one would hear as smacking on those delicious doughnuts.  The line was plenty long in the store but Robby soon came out with boxes full of goodness.  
  • Once at the football field, we unloaded and then passed out doughnuts to everyone.  The kids enjoyed the doughnuts but I really think that they all liked the doughnut holes better.  Even Whitman who has really slowed down on eating lately (he has been sickly but also crazy picky) enjoyed the doughnut holes (now tonight though he did have half a banana, a slice of cheese, a handful of grapes and a cookie so he must be on the mend.)
  • Reagan had a bit more spunk when she ran through the tunnel today-still not as much as her sister. Last time Reagan did cheer leading, she really looked like she enjoyed it, she yelled and shook her pom poms with gusto.  Not this year.  She doesn't act like she thinks she is too old, it is almost like it just isn't her thing.  Probably if she had friends doing it with her she might be more peppy.  
  • But Reagan is 1000 times more peppy than Campbell.   That girl is so distracted-almost like she is a 4 year old or something.  I tell you she just stands there, looked around and that is pretty much it. Now I will give her this-after her daddy talked to her and said that she would not play on the playground at lunch if she didn't work hard, then she did pull out her A game and start cheering the best she could.  That is all that I want-just her to try.
  • It was hot during that game but it just got hotter during Graham's game.  Graham didn't have enough players to play and since Robby knew an extra player (Anderson) things worked out well.  Of course my Anderson loved playing this game too.  Graham's team won by a touchdown or two so that was good.
  • Then we went to Chickfila to cool off a bit.  First week it was hot, last week it was cold and back to hot again this week.  It was much more crowded there than McDonalds so it didn't feel like we had enough down time because we were soon leaving again.  The kids did have time to play on the playground.  I told Keaton, who was wearing big girl panties, that if she peepeed on the playground the cow would come out and spank her.  She said "maybe I will go and try again."   Listen, my motto is whatever works and that worked.  I guess that my Keaton has the pottying thing down-we just barely snuck that in before she was 3.
  • Next up was Anderson's game.  He was not the center the entire time-probably because he told his coach he didn't want to be the center the whole time.  Those are good lessons-learning to speak up for yourself.  Anderson had a good run today and made a few yards-man, I wish my boys were faster but they just are not.  And that is fine since they both really enjoy playing.  
  • Whitman was hot, tired and not feeling perfect during the first games so Nonna took him home and just kept him there during Anderson's game.  A nap, some food and air conditioner did that boy well and he was his happy self when we picked him up.  He came home and sat in his car seat while all of us worked together to clean the car and garage.  This seemed like it took forever but everyone that wanted to go was rewarded with a trip to Sams.
  • Whitman stayed home for a nap and Graham was the only one who didn't want to go.  Not really sure why-he even picked up the toy room like Robby asked (it wasn't bad and I helped), had a shower and played his kindle happily while they were gone.  At Sams they ate every single sample they could find-Reagan's favorite thing ever.  And they bought us a new wagon for our ballgames. Our wheel is now broken-if we knew a welder it could probably be fixed but we don't know any welders.  
  • Once back at home, all of them had showers. I woke Whitman up to join Keaton in his shower and that little turkey did his business in the shower.  The same shower that I cleaned from top to bottom on Thursday-I had just washed and put his shower toys back in that shower about an hour before he exploded in the shower.  So back all of those toys went to the dishwasher!  My mom wouldn't let me watch I Dream of Jeanie but sometimes I wish that I could just wiggle my nose and clean up around here.  But what would I do with my free time-I didn't know what to do when everyone was at Sams today.  I just sat down next to Graham and read some of a book I am reading (except that made me feel guilty)
  • Soon the Hogs were on and we all watched that.  We even ate our supper in the living room and at halftime we played the game of Clue.  Reagan received it for her birthday and we are learning how to play it.  The kids miss some of the strategy to playing it even though I think they understand the concept-so that does make it a bit frustrating.  But trying to play it with Keaton and Campbell also makes it frustrating.  We only tried to play the game because Whitman was strapped in his highchair.  Maybe next time we could strap Keaton and Campbell down in a high chair!
  • After the game, they watched the football game until 9 and then everyone was sent to bed.  My crew was pretty tired tonight-football game days are tough!

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