September 13, 2014-Happy Birthday Reagan!

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Girl Power! Celebrating Reagan's birthday...

  • I was secretly hoping that it was going to continue raining all night long.  But alas, the ground was dry-ish when we woke up and upward games were on for the day.  Robby and I woke up first and got ourselves ready.  Then I went upstairs to wake the kids up-by the time I made it back downstairs, Anderson was sitting on the couch already in his uniform and was playing his kindle.
  • My girls took a bit longer to get ready but soon we were all ready and headed to the ballgames.  My girls cheered first and again my Campbell ran through the tunnel with her pom poms waving.  That girl is the best ever at running through the tunnel.  And my Reagan is the best ever at doing cheers.  Together they make one awesome cheerleader.  They both had lots of fun today even though the rest of us were freezing to death.  At one point, I even googled "signs of freezing to death" just so I should know if we should be worried-it wasn't that cold but close!
  • Next up was Graham's game.  My Graham caught a pass and even ran a few yards on that play and another play.  Graham's team won and he had a really fun time.  After the game, we headed to McDonalds to thaw out.  Last week, we went to McDonalds to cool off but this week it was to warm up.  We ate our lunch and then the kids played on the playground for a bit-well, not all of the kids-Whitman went home with Grannymom for a ballgame break, Keaton went with Nonna and we brought Cash with us.
  • After our break, we headed back for Anderson's game.  His game was a bit more exciting-maybe tense might be the word.  The coaches couldn't quite agree-the kids didn't really know that though.  I think it was a tie and so did Anderson.  He had fun but when we got in the car, he said "I hope they get my position fixed."  We asked what he meant and he said that he didn't want to be center the entire time.  I told him to tell his coach and he said that he did but his coach said he would work on it.  Urgh, my boy is a good center but if he wants to play something else, I think upward would be the place to give him a chance....ok, I will calm down now.  All that matters is that the kids have fun.
  • Keaton again went home with Nonna after the game and Whitman with Grannymom.  That just left us with the big 4 and I let them do their own thing while Robby mowed the yard and I worked inside the house getting ready for the big birthday party.
  • It wasn't too long before the party started here-of course we had the family here along with Lilli, Reagan D, my Reagan, Kennedy S., Kennedy M, Camryn, Cate, Alyssa Kate, Kaleigh...and there might be someone else but right now I just can't think of who it might be.  Pretty sure that is all of the people-at least hope so.  (I am trying to type and watch Parent Trap all at the same time)
  • The first order of business during this peppermint party was to eat Taco Salad.  Before we could stop them, the girls ran outside to play for a few minutes.  We wrangled them back in for present opening.  Reagan opened quite an assortment of presents and was very gracious.  Then it was cake time-peppermint cake (that caused me fits this afternoon) and brownies with peppermint icing.  
  • After that, the girls opened up a few of Reagan's presents while we waited on Lilli to arrive.  Then I had a canvas for everyone to paint-I let them paint whatever they wanted so that did take a while.   Next up was a fingernail painting game.  And the best game of all was blindfolded musical pillows in the driveway-good thing the neighbors didn't call the cops on us!  
  • Afterwards, I tried to calm the folks down some.  They had something to drink and then we headed to the bonus room to watch a movie.  The movie is still going on (12:10) and afterwards, it is going to bedtime.  Oh my, I sure hope it is going to be bedtime.  I am getting a bit tired now-good thing all of these girls aren't sitting with us during church-imagine a row of 8 sleeping girls!  

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