September 18, 2014

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When the real pool closes, we resort to this...

  • Each and every day that Campbell goes to school, Keaton asks if she can go with Robby.  Only on Thursdays does she get that chance to go.  Needless to say when she gets the "yes" that she can drop Campbell off with Robby, she is ready in a flash.  I think Campbell enjoys having a buddy in the car and Campbell helps Keaton gather her breakfast before they get into the car.
  • After waving bye to them, we started on our breakfast.  The kids soon went to the school room to work while I finished cleaning the kitchen.  Whitman was still in his high chair and seemed to be acting fine then but that didn't last long.  My poor baby laid in my lap and/or whimpered and cried all morning long. I was pretty worried about him-nothing would make him happy.  We tried to lay him beside me on a pillow with a blanket but he just wanted to be in my lap.  He would sit down then try to lay down and then roll in the floor-it was pitiful.  His tummy was fine, he did have a runny nose and didn't have fever.  I don't really know what was wrong, maybe he was just tired.  Because at 10, I put him in his bed for a nap and he woke up a happy baby!
  • Keaton ran with me to go and pick up Campbell.  On they way, I asked her what all she did with Robby after taking Campbell to school.  She said that they bought a lot of stuff.  I asked her how much money Daddy spent.  She replied "he didn't use monies, he used those little papers."-coupons. Children are so observant.
  • As I was loading up with Keaton to get Campbell, Keaton decided she didn't want to go.  That wouldn't work because Reagan and Graham were happily playing together (rare), Anderson was finishing his work and Robby was working and that left only trouble for Keaton to get into.  I thought quickly and offered her a juice box to drink in the car-and didn't even think of bringing my Campbell one too until I was too far down the road.  I knew it was going to be a problem and even thought of dropping be Nonna's to grab the girl a drink but decided to risk it.  
  • Thankfully, Keaton was finished with her drink but Campbell was upset anyway-everyone in her class was staying for Lunch Box kids.  We don't do lunch box kids because it doesn't really help us. We can pick Campbell up at 11:30 or pay 10 bucks more and pick her up at 2 something.  It is not like I am out running errands alone and need some extra time or even at home cleaning without a gaggle of other kids around.  But Campbell doesn't see it that way-no matter how I try to spin things. I say things like "You get to come home!" or "Those poor other kids have to stay at school." or "Ew, they have to take a nap?" or "Everyone can't wait to play with you." or even "We are going to have sandwiches for lunch."  It just doesn't work.
  • Today though we didn't have sandwiches but we had spaghettios and cornbread-on the patio. Cornbread just isn't that great to eat inside-such a mess.  The kids loved eating outside but they were noisy!  After eating, they helped me clean the kitchen-and we had a perfectly clean kitchen for about 2 hours!
  • We did some reading this afternoon and soon it was time to a few movies.  But the kids soon headed outside to play-or possibly they were told to go outside.  It is pretty nice that they can all entertain themselves outside.  Whitman and I went out to join the others after he woke up.  That boy may have felt bad this morning but not this afternoon.  The big 4 were lined up for a race around the house.  They had me shout "go" and when I said "go" Whitman was the first one out of the gate.  I don't know how he knew what they were doing but he ran half way around the house until I sprinted behind him and picked him up so he could finish in style.
  • The kids decided that they were hot and needed some water (on their heads) to cool themselves off.  Then they thought they needed the little purple swimming pool to complete their cool off. They even asked if that was fine-they were already wet so why not make their day.  Graham kept shouting "this is the best day ever."  I don't know if I would say that 6 kids in a tiny kiddie pool and about 3 inches of water makes it the best day ever but glad the thought so!  
  • Soon we stripped everyone down and showered everyone off.  We had leftovers again (taco salad-the new Dennie favorite) and then we watched some of Ninja Warrior before our Bible story tonight.  Robby was getting on to the kids a bit as they were getting into bed and he was saying that not obeying right away was disobedience.  I think he said that twice and then Graham whispered "and that is sinful."  At least he is learning something, somewhere!

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