September 3, 2014

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All grins!

  • Today was the first morning of Bible study and the clothes were laid out beside my bed for all of the kids and the bags were packed for the entire day waiting to be loaded into the car in the mudroom.  Here is a quick run down of what I can remember that we hauled around today-Bibles for me and the 3 big kids, Keaton and Whitman's bags, ice chest full of lunch, library books to be returned, Beebee's laundry to return to her and a bag of supplies to donate to Campbell's Sonshine kids class.  Wednesdays are the hardest day for us since they are definitely the longest and the fullest but they are some of the best-anytime the kids are hearing about Jesus all morning and all evening long is a good day.
  • We arrived at Bible study 3 minutes til 9 and I had thought that we would just hang out in the car until 9 but the parking lot was full so I thought we better go on in.  It was a good thing that we did because every child had paper work for me to fill out.  One class insisted I do it right then but thankfully the others let me take it with me for me to do during my class.  
  • Everyone seemed to enjoy their class-Campbell said that hers was "super fun," Keaton told us all about her class and happily said that she played with her friend "Roselilly" (Rosemary).  Graham seemed okay that he was in the same class this year with the same teachers.  Anderson and Reagan were pleased that they had finished their first day of Bible study with their class.
  • After Bible study, we ate our lunch at Lilli's park.  Whitman's mother forgot to put on his shoes this morning so he had to play barefoot but that was fine since the ground is soft.  Well, it is softish-poor Reagan fell face first on the ground-scratching her cheek and bruising her nose.  Hopefully nothing is broken!  
  • Whitman was crazy hungry at lunch-he walked across the grass barefoot to get to the ice chest.  He then climbed on to the table and opened the ice chest.  He must have been starving so we all stopped to eat with him.  
  • Then we played for a few more minutes and then went to see Beebee.  She was eating but finally finished.  We visited with her in the lobby and after Beebee brushed Reagan's hair with her fingers, Reagan leaned into me and said "I forgot to put my hair up this week."  
  • After the kids had eaten their fill of candy, we headed home for a bit of rest time.  Keaton and Whitman were sound asleep when we came home so they slept while the others watched movies.  I did some work and laid in the floor with Cambpell for about 5 minutes until we heard Keaton calling that she was ready to wake up.
  • Before too long, I had supper ready and Robby was home with groceries.  I helped unload Robby's loot and then it was time for all of us to load back up for church tonight.  The kids love Wednesday nights at church.  And Keaton was pretty excited about seeing puppets tonight.  
  • When we came home, everyone said they were hungry so Robby doled out ice cream.  Poor Campbell said she didn't like ice cream bars so she went to bed without a snack-oh, don't feel sorry for her.  Who doesn't like ice cream bars?  That is just plumb crazy!  If you were hungry, you would surely eat some ice cream.  

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