September 29, 2014

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Not sure this is alllowed...but it is her birthday!

  • Monday morning and my girls were the first ones down the stairs.  I met them at the bottom since I was already awake and putting toothpaste on their toothbrushes for later (go me!)  Keaton was talking to Reagan on the way down the stairs and that child didn't stop talking all day long. Her cute little now 3 year old chatter would be so much cuter if she didn't repeat things over and over and over again.  
  • Campbell had school this morning and she was in no hurry to go until she was reminded that it was the day that the fire truck came.  She did tell me that she saw the fire truck last year but she was still happy to go.  
  • Around here, the rest of us started on school.  It was all going well until I had to get on to Anderson during spelling-he was trying to climb up the wall and was doing more of this than actually spelling the words I was telling him to spell.  From that point on, he started spelling his words but he was missing many so he had to write them (I let them spell it out loud once but if they mess up, then they have to write it-not a big deal).  Today this was in fact a big deal to Anderson.  I tried to cheer him up and explain that we do spelling so we can learn and if he already knew how to spell all those words then we wouldn't need to do spelling.  Anyway, about 5 minutes later, he came to me and said "when you yell at me like that I feel like you are going to hit me."  What!?  I didn't yell at the boy at all-I did raise my voice but not as loud as I usually do!  And hit him? I don't even remember the last time that I have spanked him.  I was shocked but I was also nice and told him that I loved him and blah, blah, blah.  That child is so tenderhearted--gracious me!
  • We did all survive school-everyone was finished before lunch and we even finished all of our together work just in time for lunch.  And lunch today was spaghetti squash, sauce and meatballs and it was delicious.  My meatballs (I didn't make them) were wonderful but I was shocked at how yummy the spaghetti squash was-I could see Reagan and Graham quickly figuring out what they were eating when I kept telling them it was spaghetti.  Reagan shouted "It is that spaghetti squash."  Indeed it was but my girls ate it and my boys tried it (they would have eaten it if they didn't know what it was)
  • After lunch, we straightened the house and then the kids played as I worked on grabbing garage sale stuff and working on clearing out my attic (I could clothe 20 kids with all of the clothes in my attic.)  At nap time, I kept working and it seemed like it was just minutes until supper time.  We had to eat a bit early because of football tonight but no one seemed to mind.  My Anderson was so excited about his game-he has really loved playing this year.
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason were at the game and Pops hobbled to the middle of the 2 fields so we could watch Anderson and Graham was the both played tonight.  Actually, Pops and I watched Graham's team play for about 10 minutes while trying to pick Graham out from the other players-then we realized he was on the bench.  We did get to see Graham run to midfield with the ball so that was a big highlight for him.  But my Anderson caught a pass and made a touchdown!  It all happened so fast that I don't really think Anderson realized that he made a touchdown at first.
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then it was Bible story time.  If the kids read the actual Bible verses that our stories come from and answer questions from that then they can win a prize. Tonight there was about 20 verses from I Samuel that they had to read-Robby did give easy questions to the girls this time but the 3 big kids had hard questions which they answered correctly-thus earning the prize of not having to use soap on their hair the next time they take a shower! Woo hoo!

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