September 5, 2014

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So maybe he got a little too into the pig races??

  • My Reagan used to sleep late each and every morning.  As she was sleeping in, I would just imagine that I was the one sleeping upstairs.  Now we do believe that she is setting some type of alarm because she is one of the first ones awake every single morning.  It was 7:07 this morning when the upstairs bedroom cleared out and all 5 of those kids came into our bedroom and climbed into our bed-that is when I climbed out.
  • Robby left for work while the rest of us had our breakfast. After breakfast, I herded the kids to the school room to work.  Graham was my distracted child today-at one point he told me that he couldn't work when Campbell and Keaton were home.  This was kind of odd because Campbell and Keaton spent most of the morning watching movies quietly in my bedroom (yes, this was a do whatever you want to do day for those girls-they both did work on an ABC book and Campbell did her phonics and reading book-but other than that, I just let them watch tv)
  • It took almost to noon for everyone to finish and by the time we had things cleaned up, I ran upstairs to wake Whitman up.   I just put him down for an hour today instead of his normal 2 hour morning nap-working on weaning us off of those naps.  He has a really runny nose today and at times, this morning he was laying down in his pack n play while the rest of us were doing school.  Maybe he was laying down because he was bored-how could you be bored when you are watching our school shenanigans while playing with a bucket full of toys drinking milk and eating cheerios.
  • After lunch, our afternoon just flew by.  Seriously, we all spent a few minutes picking up the house (the kids picked up the house while I cleaned up from lunch-kitchen clean up is never ending).  Then they played on their kindles while Whitman, Keaton and Campbell kept opening and closing the kitchen door so they could listen to the rain.  
  • Then it was naptime for everyone followed by our science lesson for the day, a bit of reading and then a quick game of chess (using only the pieces that we know how to properly move).  By this time, they only had 40 minutes to watch a movie-not even long enough for a boy pick and a girl pick but they survived.  They also survived when I told them there would be no snack since we were about to leave.  
  • We loaded up and picked up Grannymom and Grandpa-Anderson could not wait to get inside there to drop off his bag.  He is spending the night over there and the tooth fairy is coming there instead of here.  Anderson's top front tooth has been moving and dangling for what seems like forever and I pulled it today-even though pulling teeth is not something I like doing, for some sick reason I do kind of like it! 
  • Robby met us there and we went to the Salt Bowl tailgate-yep, not the game, just the tail gate. Candy, hot dogs, tiny footballs, popsicles-what more could any child want.  This was probably more fun than trick or treating!    We walked up and down every row and the kids (especially Keaton) stuffed their bags full of stuff.  
  • Once at home, we let the kids look at and eat their goodies just like Halloween.  Then they had plenty of time to play their kindles before bedtime.  Big day tomorrow-the first Upward Football and Cheerleading games of the season.

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