September 14, 2014

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Graham's highlight of the weekend!

  • Let's see, I left you last night after 12 as I was watching the movie with the girls and working on finishing the blog.  When the movie was over I played on my computer while waiting on the girls to all go to sleep so I could go downstairs, pick up and go to sleep myself.  It was well after 1 when I finally made it to bed and thankfully, everyone slept well.
  • Our alarms started going off at 6:30 and by the time I could get in the shower, I could hear that the girls were up.  They were playing the game of telephone and some hand clapping game.  My Campbell was right in the middle of them playing along-she did well last year so was aloud to stay this year.  She even slept upstairs with the girls last night and found herself a friend.  One of our guests was a bit spirited and Campbell immediately took up with her.  I guess she enjoyed playing with someone just like herself-she even told me that she was going to invite her new friend to her birthday party.
  • As soon as Robby woke up, we ran to go and get doughnuts-2 dozen doughnuts was just barely enough.  After 10 girls each had 2 and a half doughnuts, there was only one half eaten half left over for poor Whitman to eat.  He didn't mind-that child was enamored with all of these loud strangers running around the house.  
  • Before breakfast I had the girls get dressed and load up their bags and bring them downstairs.  Of course after they loaded up and brought their stuff down, I had item after item left unclaimed to find the owners of.  The girls played "sardines" (reverse hide n seek) until it was time to head to church.
  • On our way to church, Robby ran into Walgreens to pick up pictures for the girls picture frames.  That was a fun and useful (and inexpensive) party favor.  We did cause quite a commotion with 10 girls all walking into the church house.  Three girls headed to Sunday school (Kennedy, Kaleigh and Alyssa Kate), three stayed with us for church (Lilli, Campbell and Reagan) and four found their folks in big church (Reagan, Kennedy, Cate and Camryn).  
  • On the way home, I asked Reagan if she enjoyed her birthday party and she grinned and said "yep."  I guess that made it worth it but really, sleepovers are kind of like having a baby-you forget how hard it really is but then you have another one.  Last night while I was sitting and waiting on the girls to fall asleep, I remembered my Dad offering to give us money to elope and I wondered if I should offer Reagan money next year to not have a birthday party...just a thought.
  • Back to the day, we had our lunch at Grannymom's house and the kids worked incredibly hard on knocking down dominoes.  After a bit, we decided to head home so we could sneak a nap in this afternoon-Keaton and Whitman went to sleep first, then I was the next one to fall asleep followed by Robby.  And sometime during my short nap, Campbell came and joined me as she does most Sundays.
  • The boys had a big time with Cash last night.  Graham told me all about it and said that they played on their kindles.  And Anderson filled me in on church saying that the story was about Joseph and the famine.  I think they could have stayed gone a few more days but Keaton was ready to be home.  She enjoyed her day and night with Nonna and Pops but she was so happy to see us.  
  • It wasn't long before our naps were over and it was time for choir.  I would love choir a lot more if we could just do it by teleconference!  Anderson asked how long he was in choir and I said about an hour.  He kept saying "really?" so I asked him how long it felt like to him (expecting him to say 2-3 hours) but he said "like 30 minutes."
  • My Campbell couldn't sit still for anything during big church-it was bad enough that she might have to practice sitting still this week.  That girl kept pretending to grab the pen while looking at Robby during the sermon.  Gotta love her!  After church, we went to the playground to play for a bit before heading home.
  • Once at home, people had showers, had a snack, had ice cream and even did a chore or two.  And then it was bedtime-we should have gone to bed to but alas we wanted some chocolate cake more than some sleep!

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