September 30, 2014-Happy Birthday Keaton!

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Celebrating Keaton's 3rd Birthday!

  • I woke up earlier today than yesterday but I still finished on the treadmill later than I had the day before even though I was on the treadmill for the same amount of time-I just don't understand how that happened!  Lots of people were waking up as I was making my rounds downstairs trying to get a few things ready for this morning.  
  • My boys laid in bed with Robby for a while and Campbell worked on getting her clothes ready for school today.  Today was toast and yogurt day so Campbell made sure that she was ready in time to have her some yogurt.  
  • We started our school and today Reagan was the last one to finish-she was not happy about this at all.  Now she did spend a bit of time playing with Keaton but her math has stepped up a bit this week (double digit multiplication ex. 24x19)  I tried to explain to her that it was okay to still have work to do in the afternoon but this did not please her at all-and she found a way to finish her last thing (just typing) while I read right before noon.
  • I read to the kids until noon and then the kids quickly put on their clothes and then helped me straighten the house.  We do chores every day and usually the kids have a decent attitude about it but on birthday party days, my crew are more than willing to help out with chores.  
  • We then picked up Campbell from Nonna's house-Campbell had managed to finagle a Sonic drink from Nonna so she was very pleased with herself.  We met Robby for lunch at McDonalds-he had a mystery shop so he had the food he had bought for his shop and then I went and bought the boys a hamburger.  We had 20 nuggets, 2 hamburgers and another burger for Robby plus 2 large fries-and I had to stop the kids from eating my 3 nuggets that I had set aside for me.  What in the world, I thought the kids would start eating a lot when they were teenagers not grade schoolers.
  • Next stop was the doctor for flu shots.  Anderson was the lucky one today-he was all prepared to get a shot since he can't have the flu mist (asthma).  I called to see what the office's flu shot times were and they said that they didn't have shots for over 3.  So my Anderson didn't have to go with us and went to run a few errands with Robby.  Hopefully, I can get him his shot in a few days.
  • The rest of the crew weren't so lucky-well, I guess that having the flu mist isn't that bad.  And when you take 5 kids to get their vaccines-you get 2 nurses to distribute them quickly!  No one would go first so Campbell volunteered.  Then went Reagan and Graham at the same time followed by Keaton who wasn't too sure.  Then poor Whitman got the real shot and not just the "flu sniff" as everyone else.  Whitman was about to scream after his poke but I quickly jerked him up as he was getting his bandaid and that boy didn't make a peep.  
  • Once in the car, I gave Whitman a drink since I do know those flu shots hurt but then I told Campbell that I was proud of her for going first.  I went on to say that being a leader was important and yada, yada, yada.  Then Graham said "I would have gone first but you know, 'ladies first.'"
  • Once at home, the little ones had a nap while I worked getting things ready for Keaton's party.  My Keaton was so ready for her party that she could barely sleep.  We had worked really hard before her nap about saying "thank you" for her presents (it paid off!) 
  • Soon all our guests arrived-Dana, Lilli, Cash, Grannymom, Grandpa, Nonna, Pops and Jason-and we stared Keaton's 3rd birthday party.  We had bbq and all of the trimmings.  The kids enjoyed eating off of their Minnie Mouse shaped plates.  The kids played Minnie Mouse bingo and even hid all of our Minnie Mouse toys and dolls for Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to find.  Then it was cookie decorating time-that is always fun-sprinkles and icing!  And finally it was present time.  Keaton was pretty adamant that she wanted sand, a doll and lots of toys and that is what she got.  She was so happy with all of her loot.  She told me that she wanted to paint tomorrow and take her doll in the car.  Then she added that she wanted to have another birthday party.
  • After the party was over, we all helped pick up and then it was bedtime for my crew and time for Robby and I to make lunches for tomorrow, do the laundry and dishes...wonder if we have any ice cream around here?

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