October 30, 2014

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Hey, you looking at me?

  • Yesterday at Beebee's place, this was a bit of our conversation:
    • Anderson (to me): When you die, I will get your house.
    • Tara: Nope.
    • Anderson: Yep, that is how it was in Bible times.
    • Tara: It is not Bible times.
    • Anderson: I still get the house.
    • Tara: No, we will have to sell it for our cruise around the world and then to buy the rv.
    • Anderson: Huh?
    • Tara: The rv that we are going to park in your driveway.
    • Anderson: Where are you going to eat?
    • Tara: You will cook for me.
    • Anderson: I am not going to cooking school.  
    • Beebee: You know when Papaw and I got married, I couldn't cook anything.
    • Anderson: Did you go to cooking school?
    • Beebee: No.
    • Tara: When your Daddy and I got married, I couldn't cook anything and I still can't.  
    • Reagan: Yes, you can.  You can make sandwiches.
    • Graham: Sometimes she burns them though.
    • Campbell: Those are grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • You can see why some days I think I am losing my mind.  But back to today, Whitman and Keaton all helped take Campbell to school.  While they were gone, I worked as hard as I could for the others to get their school work done.  That just wasn't happening.  I don't know what Anderson does all morning long but it sure is not school.  And poor Reagan her math is now multiplying big numbers like thousands times hundreds (2,496 x 683).  Really?  I am sure that is necessary but is it time to teach her how to use a calculator?  Each time she misses a problem, I try to help her do it and then when I look at the correct answer, I am wrong too.  
  • Graham finished his school in time to watch the news while Robby ran.  Whitman hung out in his pack n play snacking away.  Yesterday, he would watch Robby run and just laugh at him. When I called Graham downstairs to work together he was none to pleased that he was having to stop watching the news-his father's child.  
  • Robby ran out to pick up lunch and he took the kids.  So I did some speed baking and made some monkey bread (to give away which was pure torture for the kids not to be able to eat it. They have only had monkey bread once and that was at Christmas.)  I cleaned the shower, started laundry and ironed some of those blasted perler beads.
  • Nonna had picked up Campbell and they had spent their afternoon making cookies.  I came to pick her up with Keaton and Whitman.  When it was time to leave, Bro. Paul was stopping by their house.  So I rushed the kids out of the door and even said "hurry, let's get out of here" as I was buckling them in.  Later on the way home, Keaton asked "is John Paul a bad guy?"  I guess she didn't realize I was just trying to hurry and get out the door but she thought we were trying to get away from that Bro. Paul man.
  • Back at home, the kids watched movies and went in and outside.  I worked on Campbell's clothes.  I really thought that she had wanted to help with the clothes but no, she didn't care and played with Keaton.  I did get her to help a bit at the end.  This means that I now have 5 kids down on clothes change out and only 1 more to go (Keaton) and that should be done tomorrow (maybe!)
  • And speaking of Keaton....this evening we loaded up and went to Chick Fil A to get our free meal.  The kids climbed out of the car one by one and I looked around and didn't see Keaton.  I asked "where's Keaton?" and Reagan, who sits by Keaton, looked at me blankly.  My heart practically leaped out of my chest.  In 2 seconds, I had already imagined us speeding back home which takes 20+ minutes while trying to call anyone who lives closer by.  Robby and I exchanged worried glances as Reagan then added "oh, she is asleep."  I could have vomited! Needless to say, that child didn't leave our sight for the rest of the night.  (I mean, really, I guess we could leave someone at home.  We don't put the kids in the car anymore, if we did then we would check for shoes.  Hopefully, their seat mate would mention that they aren't there.  But the good thing is that Robby and I usually make a circle through the house picking up, looking for phones and turning off lights before leaving so hopefully then we could find the wayward kid.)
  • Dinner was uneventful-well, a stranger did comment on seeing us at Baptist.  I thought about offering him by autograph but thought that might be too forward.  The other night at Chick Fil A, Graham eyed the drinks sitting on the table.  He slowly and slyly grabbed the largest drink and started drinking it.  Robby and I watched him carefully as he realized that the cup he thought was coke was full of water.  He acted like he had just drank a sip of vinegar.  The child was much more cautious tonight about what cup he grabbed.
  • And then as soon as Robby had finished the Bible story, Graham asked a question.  Robby had just finished talking about their being One True God and only one way to heaven.  And Graham's hand shot up.  Robby acknowledged him and Graham said "if you stand on your tip toes, will your head hit that fan."  It is so good to know that they are listening!

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