October 1, 2014

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Lunch at Rock Creek after Bible Study!

  • Bible study day so of course there was a frenzy of activity this morning.  By the time we left, we had all gotten ready, all had breakfast, all done some chores and the kids even had some time to play on their kindles before we left.
  • We made it to Bible study a minute after the video started but that was fine.  When I picked the kids all up, we did our usual "tell me what all you learned" in the car.  Again this week, Keaton talked and talked while Anderson did his best to cut her off so he could start the movie.  But my Graham was really the long winded one-he told us all about his Bible story which included Moses and the burning bush, the plagues, the exodus and crossing the Red Sea.  
  • We met the Heltz' at Rock Creek to play some.  When we first came in, we were the only ones there which was really, really nice.  But even though we were the only ones there, it was noisy still.  Things were going splendidly and the kids all sat and ate perfectly.  Whitman even sat on the ground with the big kids eating.  But then my Graham lost his ever loving mind.  
  • I heard the sound of someone spitting and Reagan quickly shouted "Graham just spit."  He vehemently denied it but I did indeed find the evidence.  He was rewarded with losing his playtime for the rest of the Rock Creek visit.  It was at least 20 minutes until we left but my Graham sat in his chair whining and denying that he did spit the rest of the visit.
  • After playing, then we headed to go and see Beebee.  My kids ate at least 5 pounds of candy while talking to Beebee.  Whitman would finish what he had and started signing "more" over and over again.  Keaton filled her pockets full of starburst-probably should have checked her pockets before I put her shorts in the washer a few minutes ago.  Nonna and Pops showed up so the kids were happy to see them.
  • Eventually, we headed home.  We managed to get behind 3 tractors on the way home so our trip home took "over 26 minutes"-that is what Anderson said at least, he is my official timekeeper.  At home, Keaton took her nap in Campbell's bed.  I had been telling her that she would get to nap in the big beds after her party and after pottying this afternoon, she climbed in Campbell's bed and said "I had my party."  She did perfect in the big bed and was pretty pleased with herself.
  • Everyone else did some science with me, read some of Skylark (the second book of Sarah, Plain and Tall) and then watched movies.  I worked on clearing out my attic some more-I will be doing this for weeks but I just have one week before the garage sale!  
  • Then it was time to leave for church.  We stopped by the library on the way to church but we had a book due tonight that Robby had to read during his puppet duties so he could finish it.  We would have checked that book in on time if the girls didn't have to go to the bathroom before we left church-Robby said that they owed him 10 cents!

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