October 27, 2014

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Making art and more art...

  • If we didn't have to get Campbell to school in the morning, we all might still be in bed right now.  My Campbell was ready though to go to school today because she was the snack helper.  And this was the best of all days because not only did she bring the snack but she was also the line leader.  Oh, happy day!
  • Usually on our rushed Mondays, I make the kids eat their breakfast in the school room since it is just cereal and we can easily vacuum it up (Mondays just happen to be vacuuming day as well.)  But today we had left over donuts so that caused everyone to eat in the kitchen thus getting a later start than normal for school.
  • My Reagan and Anderson just piddle the morning away-she messed with Whitman and Anderson just stares.  This drives me batty-if they would just do their work they could be finished and we could all be happy!  Today, I tried not to nag them about working and this left quite a bit of work for them to do this afternoon.  That though didn't seem to bother either one of them-they just sat down and quickly finished their work before 1:30 after lunch.  I guess that is fine so we may just start doing that.  
  • We had lunch and did a bit of reading.  We also read before lunch usually from 11:15-12 and this is probably one of my favorite parts of school.  Now most days the kids behavior is a bit lacking during this time causing me to further lose me mind but if they do listen then we really all enjoy that time.
  • This afternoon, I ran around doing chores along with the kids but all they could think about was when Whitman was going to go to bed so they could pull out those perler beads.  I tell you, my children are obsessed with those beads.  That is all that they want to do all day long-Robby suggested that we try to sell them!  Ha!
  • During nap time I worked on changing over Whitman's clothes.  Keaton napped some but woke up really early so I let her be my helper.   If she asked one question, she asked me a zillion questions.  She is so excited about when we are going to switch over her clothes.  I have everything ready to do Campbell's clothes switch but she wasn't here today so her clothes will have to wait for another day.  
  • Before I knew it, my Campbell was walking in the door.  Robby and her were home and we quickly scurried around to get ready to go to Chick Fil A.  I put Campbell to work on her Cezanne painting while everyone else found clothes.  
  • We ate at Chick Fil A since today was their repeat day-eat there today and show your receipt this weekend and eat for free.  That sounded good to us and to lots of other people since it was really crowded there!  The kids enjoyed playing on the playground and we enjoyed drinking our milkshake after supper-that is, until Whitman figured out what we were passing back and forth.  When they baby signs "more" and starts waving his arms, you just have to oblige him and let him have some.
  • When we made it home, the little kids had a shower while the big kids did a school box.  Then it was Bible story time.  Robby had give then kids a challenge to find out what prophet we were reading about and what fed him in I Kings 17.  So everyone had read the verses themselves and written down their answers.  I did help Campbell when she came home.  This afternoon, Keaton told me that she wanted me to read her Bible to her.  I said okay thinking that she was talking about one of her books and I asked her where it was.  She looked at me and said it was with all the other Bibles.  So she went and found her Bible and we read all about Elijah, then I said "let's read something from Proverbs" and she said "I'll do that later."

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