October 15, 2014

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Are my teeth clean  yet?

  • Wednesday morning and even though we were hoping that Reagan would be much, much better today, she was a bit better.  I even thought just maybe she might could go today.  I touched her head and she wasn't nearly as warm as she had been the last few days so I took her temperature and it was a 100.  Hmm, so that meant she was a no go to Bible study but a go to the doctor.  
  • Robby fixed breakfast for the crew while I finished getting ready.  He left first after Reagan choked down some tylenol.  He dropped her off at Grannymom's house for the morning and then headed to work.  Soon the rest of us loaded up to head to Bible study.  Reagan was a bit bummed that she didn't get to pass out her snack today at Bible study but Anderson said that he could have his turn (sweet boy).
  • I kept kids during Bible study and saw Keaton and Graham in the hallway.  And then Campbell's class played on the playground outside of our window so I watched her play. Afterwards, we went to the park to play with people from our Bible study group.  We were there a bit longer than usual and it was a bit after 1 when we left for Beebees.
  • And then it was nearly 2 when Beebee finished with her occupational therapy.  I didn't know she was getting OT and I was about ready to bust on up into her therapy.  The kids were getting tired and antsy...and hungry for Beebee's candy which I wouldn't let them have until she was back.  We stayed for a while-and finally had to leave because poor Whitman wasn't happy with me just letting him eat 4 kit kats!  That child loves him some candy!
  • Back at home, the kids joined Reagan in watching a few movies.  Then it was time to scarf down supper and head to church.  As we were leaving for church tonight, Graham handed Reagan a note that said "get batter soon."  Actually, my boys have been so concerned about their sister.  When they found at she had strep they kept asking me what that meant, when she was going to get better and if they were going to get it (they heard us talk about it being contagious).  
  • At church, I had to be both puppets-this caused me enough stress that I practiced a few different voices in the car.  Of course this caused Campbell and Keaton to ask what I was doing!  My puppet voice ended up being a hit (well, it passed).  
  • When we all came home, the kids changed into their pjs and we had a quick snack before bed. Everyone was pretty hungry-poor Reagan has only eaten a banana all day long but she didn't want anything else tonight.  And we didn't insist that she had anything...except her medicine. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel lots better.

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