October 19, 2014

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Sunday Night Means Ice Cream Truck Night!

  • Even though we had doughnuts this morning, my kids weren't moving to quickly.  I think this busy weekend has done them in!  Finally, they all started moving around (I was already dressed) and we were able to start on breakfast. Everyone is much more excited about leftover Krispy Kreme than the powdered donuts that we usually have on Sunday mornings but there is nothing that compares to the hot Krispy Kreme donuts yesterday.
  • After breakfast, everyone got ready and some even had time to play on their kindles before we loaded up for church.  Before church, we saw Pops who had candy for the kids.  Then we saw the candy man who had candy for the kid.  And then we stopped to see Grandpa who had candy for the kids.  My Keaton was so, so excited about all of this candy-kind of like trick or treating in the church house.
  • You may have noticed me sitting exceptionally still in big church this morning-Bro. Paul preached.  My momma made it very clear to me when I was a little girl that Bro. Paul would stop his sermon and call my name if he saw me not listening during church.  I wasn't going to take any chances today!
  • Not only did Bro. Paul preach but the pulpit was on the stage and Graham asked what that was.  And then when the choir came down wearing their choir robes-Campbell was very confused.  She had never seen those before and she leaned over to me and asked "are they wearing anything under those?"  I told her that I sure hoped they were!
  • We then went to Sunday school and my Anderson was called up on stage for a game.  That is great but my poor Graham so, so wants to get called to go on stage.  Now there are about 60+ kids in that room so of course, he may never get called on to go on stage but that sure is hard to understand for a little guy.
  • Lunch was more of those spaghetti leftovers from the other day.  The kids again complained about the leftovers and Robby made it very clear that they were going to eat sandwiches every single day this next week and there would be no complaints.  The other day I asked Reagan what she would eat if she could eat anything for lunch.  She thought for a long time and then seriously looked at me and said "candy."  That is what my people think is a meal and really, they are going to complain every time they are not served a meal of candy for breakfast.
  • At lunch, Reagan pulled out her perler beads and went to work.  I made it very clear that I was not going to iron anything during the afternoon but everyone still joined her and they just crafted all afternoon long while watching their movies.  Whitman and Keaton slept and so did Robby and I.  Robby mentioned cutting the yard some but I pulled him over to the dark side and convinced him to nap with me.
  • Soon it was time to scurry around to leave for choir-the alarm goes off at 3:45, I hit snooze for at least 10 minutes and then we have to be out the door by 4:15.  As you can imagine that leads to much rushing.  The kids quickly put back on their Sunday clothes and surprisingly we were able to be in the car on time and made it to choir early.
  • Tonight, our choir and choirs from other churches sang.  It was wonderful-at one point, I leaned over and told my Graham that this is just a taste of what heave will be like.  I know I have said it before, but there is nothing like hearing your kids worship.  My boys were singing their hearts out during the worship time.  And during the last choir song, Graham could not help but sing.  I could go on and on but man, I am so thankful for our church.  
  • Sundays are long days and Campbell does pretty well in big church.  And we do have to remember that she is just 4 (almost 5 though) but she was so antsy tonight.  That child could not stay still-eventually she was taken out.  Her daddy was probably kinder to her than I would have been.  But a bit after Campbell left, I saw Pops leaving too-I figured he was going out to rescue his Campbell.  Oh, that child!
  • Robby had a meeting after church, so the boys played in the game room and the girls and Whitman ran up and down the hallways.  Whitman loved, loved running and was pretty tired from running when it was time to leave.   He wasn't so tired that he fell asleep on the way home-no, he stayed up because I think he really knew that tonight was ice cream truck night.  
  • Once we made it home, everyone put on their pjs.  Then it was ice cream picking time Everyone liked our new selection of ice cream and all my crew went to bed very happy!  

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