October 7, 2014

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Nothing like a cup full of sugar!

  • Last night Campbell asked how many more days of school she had left this year and I quickly just answered 36.  I probably should have put a bit more thought into my answer because this morning she knew that there were 35 more days of school after today-that leaves her finishing school sometime in January.  Maybe she will forget that number!  But this morning she was excited about school because Keaton was able to ride to school with her.
  • Robby was off today so he took Campbell and then came home to work in the yard.  Grandpa and Robby are remodeling the shed-making a room for Graham out there.  (Kidding-kind of! Actually, they are replacing some rotten boards)  And Grannymom is on the other side of the yard working on staining the tree house.
  • We did school this morning and I made it clear that the kids could go out when they were finished and that school room was as quiet as it has ever been.  Seriously, at times you could have heard a pin drop in there.  I let them quit at 10 and then after finishing a few things during the afternoon everyone but Anderson was finished with their work.  He can finish the rest of his tomorrow so it is all good.
  • When they went out, I picked up and them put Whitman down for his nap.  I headed out to help Grannymom but Robby said I probably should price my garage sale stuff since the new plan was to take it to Dana's house tonight.  So I worked on that-I tried to really work fast since the kids would come in and out of the garage.  Each time they would come in the garage, I would have to throw something over the boxes or dive on top of them myself so no one saw the things I was getting rid of.  My Anderson is so sentimental-he would keep everything.  
  • Soon it was lunch, so I pulled out the lunch stuff and we all ate.  Then Whitman was ready to join everyone else outside.  I picked up some sticks, pushed kids on the swings but mostly, I had to watch Whitman-that baby can climb up the tree house ladder in seconds!  
  • Nonna and Pops arrived in the afternoon-they brought Campbell home and then they took Anderson with them.  My Anderson could hardly wait to leave for his night out with Nonna, Pops and Jason.  He packed pretty early this morning and asked me repeatedly when I thought Nonna and Pops might come to pick him up.  
  • Before they left, we did convince him to stay for a huge pixie stick before leaving-Robby told the kids that they could have one last night because they had read the Bible passage their Bible story came from and for the stellar performances at the football games and cheerleading games.  
  • Soon Grannymom and Grandpa headed home and Whitman took his afternoon nap.  Robby and I then worked outside-we unloaded seats from the van and vacuumed it out so we could haul tables and loot for the garage sale and then he could run by and pick up some more lumber.  
  • I took the kids with me and we stopped to pick up pizza while Robby went to Nonna's house to get tables and then we all met and ate at Grannymom's house.  Dana and the kids joined us and then we ran to her house to unload the van.  Then Robby left in his car to go and get wood while we came home.  
  • Once home, we looked for the international space station.  My Keaton was almost hysterical that we were standing in the driveway and it was dark.  She just stayed in the garage calling for me.  Graham kept asking if we could just go in-I don't think he was too excited about being outside at night either.  I don't know if we saw it but we did see something that might have been it so I am just going to believe that we did see it.  We went on in because Graham said "can we just go on in and take showers?"  So I obliged.  
  • By the time they were clean, Whitman was in bed and teeth were brushed, Robby was home and we tucked the kids in bed.  Graham has said that his tummy hurt tonight but my Graham is the one who says that he feels bad every time that he is tired-so we will see!

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