October 17, 2014

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An early Halloween party!

  • The first thing that at least 2 of the kids said to me this morning was "I am starving."  Seriously, could they really be starving?  I don't think so but I crawled out of bed and eventually found them breakfast.  I pulled out breakfast burritos and pancake muffins-surely those would be enough to kill their hunger.  
  • Robby left for work and since it was Friday, Campbell didn't have school and she could stay home with us all day.  Just as Graham did when he was at school 3 days a week, she can't quite figure out how to incorporate back into our homeschool day when she is gone so often during the week.  At one point, she said that she wished she had school today.  But Robby said when he takes her to school, she always says she wished she could stay at home.  I am sure though she did enjoy her day because I worked with her first for a long time, she played well with Keaton and Whitman and even helped me (followed me around) all afternoon long.
  • School went well-nothing too exciting happened.  There is no spelling on Friday so that makes me happy, happy.  Keaton and Campbell keep busy doing school related things and Whitman also stays busy-mostly he stays busy walking to the pantry and pulling out cereal boxes and bringing them to me.  
  • At 11, Whitman went down for a nap-I am trying to wean him off of his morning naps (actually, I am trying to wean me off of his morning naps.)  We did all of our together work then and even read quite a bit of our many books that we are working on. 
  • Then it was lunch time-leftover spaghetti.  Those same children who were starving at breakfast turned their nose up at spaghetti.  They complain each day that we have sandwiches saying that we always have sandwiches.  So today when I pass out leftovers they complained that we just had that last night.  My Reagan was the only one with any sense and said "it is the same stuff we ate last night, just eat it."  Those kids didn't have any trouble eating the leftover cookies from last night!
  • This afternoon I felt like I was running behind the whole afternoon.  I went through 3 bins of clothes (I am trying to week down my kid clothes-my goal is for all of my bins to close completely).  I made some breakfast cookies with my two little helpers and soon Robby was coming in with groceries to be put up.
  • We thought we had plenty of time before having to leave tonight but before we knew it, we were scrambling to get all of the kids into their Halloween costumes.  We made it in plenty of time of the group picture (Campbell was afraid we were going to miss the picture-I tried to explain that they would probably wait on us.  I don't even know why she thought of a group picture anyway.) 
  • Indeed, they did not take the group picture without us.  (The McGuires were down 2 kids tonight.)  The kids enjoyed seeing each others costumes and playing outside.  Amber had delicious spaghetti and the adults were able to sit around the table and talk most of the evening long.  It was a great evening...and my Whitman was so excited when he found Laynie's toy car to play with.  
  • Back at home, the kids quickly put on their pjs and then it was time for bed.  After reading the Bible story, we tucked everyone in and I am know they were sound asleep soon-even though Keaton was doing jumping jacks during out night time prayer-she didn't seem to sleepy then!

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