October 21, 2014

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Even I have school work!

  • Two days in a row and I was the first one up again - it may be a record.  But if I get up and exercise and even have time to do a few items on my list like laundry or dishes. I'd rather be in the cozy bed but it does help start the day off good.  Robby soon stirred and that was before any kids made it to the bedroom.  In fact, I had to go wake them up because it was time for Campbell to head to school.
  • Often, we're running behind and she has to eat in a poptart in the car but today she really wanted yogurt and it was cinnamon toast day too.  But we had enough time for her to eat her yogurt and she ended up taking her toast in the car. We said bye to her and Robby, finished our breakfast and got started on school.
  • School was pretty uneventful and everyone worked through their boxes.  We did our together work, had lunch and did more reading. We're almost finished with James and the Giant Peach.
  • Nonna picked up Campbell from school and they went back to her house for lunch and to cook up a snack for the rest of the kiddos.  Soon, they came bearing their snack and Reagan said it was the "best pudding she's had. How did she make it taste so good?"
  • Campbell was excited to get home because she had picked out a movie with Robby yesterday from Redbox for everyone to watch.  While getting ready to watch the movie, Campbell banged her toe and let out an unusual screech....
  • Turns out she has a really bad ingrown toenail.  She seems to have picked at her nail and now it has turned red and it very sore for her.  She was in quite a bit of pain.  We've soaked it in warm water and Epsom salt, put antibiotic cream and taken some Tylenol.  It seems to have given her some relief.  At first Robby said we should make an appointment with a podiatrist (he had one as a kid and had to have surgery).  But after a little internet reading - it sounds like we should try treating it at home for a few days.  I hope Campbell can survive because it doesn't sound like any quick fixes.  Any one out there have any other suggestions?  All welcome.
  • The plan was for everyone to go outside to play and enjoy the nice weather but Campbell's toe's situation curtailed her and Keaton going out (so they followed me around!)  Reagan, Anderson and Graham played outside with their walkie talkies, a game of football and throwing the giant frisbee (which eventually landed on the roof).
  • Robby made it home from work and the grocery store just in time for me to head out for pajama Bunko (does it get any better?)  He cooked up some frozen pizzas, threw the football around with the kids (except Campbell who was soaking her foot again) and then came in for supper.
  • Showers for everyone were next, followed by making to-go lunches for after Bible Study tomorrow and then everyone, even Whitman, watched Wipeout and finished their candy from Keaton's birthday party.  Nothing like a box of sugar right before bed - but Robby did make them brush their teeth an extra minute.
  • They read the Bible story (tonight's story about the two golden calves ad idols - Anderson said, "Will those people ever learn to do what is right?"  Robby told him to remember that lesson.) And then it was lights out...and I'm still out partying!  

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