October 22, 2014

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Can he be any cuter?

  • Wednesday morning here so potties were cleaned, trash was emptied and pancakes and waffles served. Campbell actually received the honor of being the "chore boss" today.  This was the first time we had ever had a "chore boss" but it seemed to go over well.  The others had to turn in their completed chore list to Campbell.  Oh, the reason that we even had a "chore boss" was because Campbell had to soak her toe and needed something to do while she was sitting her and I figured bossing her siblings around would be ideal for her!
  • Her toe is some better.  Everything we read seems to say treat it a week until going to the doctor.  I do think it is better but we have given it until Friday for a noticeable difference before heading to the doctor.  But that girl has some high pain tolerance-I squeezed the fire out of that toe today and she just grimaced.  
  • Bible study was this morning and when I dropped Keaton off she didn't really want to go.  So I told her that I would pick her up first.  This really impacted her and she even told her teachers that her momma was going to pick her up first.  
  • After Bible study, we went to the Kamp's house to eat our lunch.  The kids ate outside and then played while the moms talked.  At one point, we couldn't find the boys and then discovered they were all in Noah's room making perler bead creations-it is all the rage still in my house! When they were done and when we were all getting ready to leave, Sara got out her iron to iron my kids creations.  I told her not to worry about it now and we could get it another time.  My Anderson was in the room and he said "if she wants to, then let her."  This caused quite an uproar of laughter from the moms in the room which caused Anderson to duck his head and sneak out of the room.
  • We then loaded up and headed to see Beebee.  She was in a good mood since Elvis was coming to their place at 2:30.  There were signs advertising it everywhere but my favorite part of the sign was the bottom that said "sponsored by your friends at Little Rock Funeral Home." Isn't that great advertisement?-the funeral home advertising at the nursing home!
  • When the kids got Beebee's candy out, Whitman started squealing and signing "more" just as fast as he can.  I pretty much have to keep him eating the entire time or he will get very upset with me.  I can cut the other kids off at 4 pieces since they can count but Whitman can't count!
  • On the way home, I didn't take my usual route that avoids Sonic but instead stopped there today.  As we drove off, slushies in hand Campbell said "that was a big bonus."  That indeed it was.  The kids were so happy with their slushies that they happily sipped and crafted all afternoon long-more perler beads and more rainbow looms.  
  • They were busy all afternoon and so was I-but when you only have 2 hours before supper needs to be served, that doesn't give you too much time to accomplish much of anything.  The kids were hungry at supper and everyone was finished when Robby came home.  Then we were off to church.
  • Robby and I are the puppets for the preschoolers.  This involved 4 back to back puppet shows and the kids are in those rooms during music too so we are trapped.  Since I had enjoyed at Route 44 Sonic drink, I jumped at the chance to go to the bathroom when the room cleared.  I thought others had seen me get up so they could stop the next class from coming in but when I exited the bathroom, I saw about 15 2 and 3 year olds (including Keaton) staring at me.  I was shocked but quickly went behind the puppet screen.  
  • After our magnificent puppet performance and while we were waiting on the kids to finish singing so we could leave, we heard Keaton's teacher call her name.  That stinker had walked to the back of the puppet screen and was peeking around it.  She saw us!  Later tonight she asked what we were doing back that.  Robby said that the whole magic is now ruined for the child and we should probably go ahead and tell her about the tooth fairy!
  • Once at home, we passed out snacks and then it was time for bed.  Tomorrow is the pumpkin patch so my crew was ready to go to sleep so tomorrow can begin. 

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