October 20, 2014-Happy (early) Birthday Pops!

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Celebrating Pop's 68th birthday!

  • I was the first one up this morning-actually, I was up for an hour before anyone else woke up.  But as soon as they woke up, 4 kiddos climbed into the bed with us and Robby quickly climbed out.  There was much pushing, shoving and whining.  Then I reminded everyone that long ago, many families only had 1 bed.  This did calm them down for about 3 seconds as they thought about all of us having to share a bed.
  • I ran upstairs to turn off their fan and when I came back down, my Campbell was already putting on her clothes.  I tell you, she does enjoy going to school.  Today she came home with the cutest picture proofs.  I can not explain how adorable they were and if she was an only child, I would have spent a small fortune to buy her pictures.  But since she is not an only child, I sure can't buy a big ole picture of her and have nothing of her brothers and sisters.  Beside, I took a pretty adorable picture of her on picture day-not nearly as cute as those pictures though. 
  • The rest of us had school.  Graham continues to finish before everyone else-when he is focused he can really knock his school work out.  Though him finishing first isn't always a good thing.  But my Reagan and Anderson have become the most distracted of the bunch.  Reagan does get her work done but she can so easily distract everyone else.  And my Anderson can be distracted by anything-so just imagine how many times he gets distracted trying to to work in the same room as a 1 year old, a 2 year old and Reagan and Graham.  I did let him just do one page of his math but told him that during the afternoon he would have to finish the other page-and he did so without complaint.
  • We had our sandwiches for lunch and I read quite a bit during lunch.  Then everyone set off to do their afternoon chores.  Graham's chore today was box mover and he helped me move bin of clothing out into their bedroom.  My plan today was to change over the boys clothes and just as I got everything finished in the attic and had sat down to start working, the power went out.  
  • The kids room is pretty dark without power-dark enough that I couldn't see the sizes on the clothes so I finished my pile and moved to the toy room where it was brighter.  I couldn't really do what I had wanted because of power outage but I was able to go through the boys boxes and pull out all their possibilities.  The lights were still out so we then started going through Reagan and Campbell's clothes.  Man, my Reagan is picky but thankfully, right now we have enough choices for her to be picky and I let her as long as it was modest enough.
  • Near the end of the afternoon, I started working on supper for Pops-I was sweating it for a bit when the power was out since I was using the crock pot to cook supper.  But it all ended up working out great.  The kids worked more on their perler beads which meant that I had to iron again.  And would you believe, that silly iron that is practically never used broke-the plate just came off during my ironing.  It just wasn't meant to be!
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason came over to celebrate Pops' 68th birthday. The food was good if I do say so myself and the dessert was even better.  I can say that since I didn't make it-my friend Marie Callendar did.  Pops opened his presents and his plethora of cards from the kids.  When it was time for everyone to leave, the kids waved bye and after a bit of picking up, it was soon bedtime for all!...and more pie for me!

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