October 16, 2014

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On the mend!

  • I had so been planning on getting up early these days to walk on the treadmill and oh, I had been doing well until this week (well maybe I didn't do too good last week either).  Oh, well, maybe tomorrow or maybe next week.  Robby just sold all of his big boy clothes at the garage sale last weekend but I may have to go and buy me some big girl clothes if I don't get back on that treadmill soon (still going to eat some cookies tonight though!)
  • All that to say when I do get up early, it is nice to have a few quiet minutes before everyone else does wake up.  This didn't happen today-people were up and crawling into our bed from all different sides as soon as the clock struck 7.  It is kind of nice to snuggle with the kids in the morning-just not all of them at the same time!
  • Robby loaded up Whitman, Keaton and Campbell to drop Campbell off at school.  As soon as they left, I started rushing the kids for them to get their work done.  I wanted them to use every quiet second that they had on their school work.  They did pretty good and just had a few things to finish when I went to pick Campbell up from school.  
  • Graham and Keaton went with me on this outing.  On the way home, we stopped by the library to pick up a few books.  And Campbell talked about her day pretty much the entire way home. She told me that they were talking about the letter P and they got a pumpkin picture and a penny.  And she said that no one wanted to play with her on the playground-that made me incredibly sad.  But I watched Campbell play on the playground yesterday at Bible study and she ran around happily, playing with the girls some but mostly playing by herself.  So I don't really know how much I believe Campbell's woe is me story but it still made me pretty sad!  
  • Once at home, I made soup for lunch-don't know why I didn't think of making soup when Reagan's throat was so sore.  Today she is like a different person and you can tell that she feels multiple times better.  Her throat is still a bit sore but still much better.  And Reagan was the only one who really enjoyed my soup!
  • The kids spent much of the afternoon going in and out.  Around 4, I did let Campbell and Keaton take Whitman outside (Robby helped watch him and I was watching from the kitchen windows).  I was busy making supper-spaghetti, sausage cornbread and cookies for supper (quite the Betty Crocker tonight!)
  • Finally, we gathered everyone inside and ate supper.  Then the kids had baths-bubbles baths!-and seriously, just doing baths for 4 kids was enough to remind us that showers are always the way to go!  Whitman and Reagan were the ones that had showers.  
  • Afterwards, we started watching the Skylark movie.  The kids stay so focused on the movie-well, for a little bit.  Whitman sat in his highchair eating cereal during the movie.  His favorite part was when the family danced in the front yard-he danced while he was in his seat!  Then it was bedtime for the crew and my Keaton was exhausted after skipping her nap this afternoon.  

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