October 18, 2014

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Rooting on the Hogs!

  • Maybe we should stay out until 10 every night-at least we would get to sleep until almost 8.  Of course, this Saturday we should probably have started our day a bit earlier but it was still fun to sleep in a bit.  When everyone woke up they first crawled into our bed and then they quickly put on their clothes.  My boys did this quickly because their football jerseys was what they were wearing and my girls put on their clothes quickly because the first stop of the day was Krispy Kreme.
  • Robby had just mentioned that this Krispy Kreme visit was to celebrate Keaton's belated birthday.  I didn't even think of getting out the candles since her birthday was 3 weeks ago and she had her fair share of candles during her birthday.  Keaton must have heard this because after she had eaten some of her doughnut, she said that she was going to save the rest for her candle.  Oops, so I started singing to her and that kind of appeased her.  Hope that event doesn't scar her!  
  • The other kids weren't scarred at all by the doughnut breakfast.  They scarfed those doughnuts down.  We have to buy 2 dozen doughnuts now (along with the frees ones you get when you walk in) so we can have enough for breakfast the next day.   
  • The next stop was long overdue-Baptist hospital to see our pictures.  My kids think they are something special but when you see your picture three times your size on a skybridge and on a box truck, you really know you are something special.  Everyone was so happy to see themselves but I was a bit saddened to see how much everyone had grown since last December-My Whitman isn't a baby anymore.
  • Sams was the next place we ran into.  We just had to pick up some medicine and then we had a few minutes to walk around a bit.  I love looking at stuff at Sams-though we never really buy anything and the kids loved looking at the toys.  When we left, Robby, Reagan and Campbell ran over to Walmart while the rest of us loaded up the car.  He bought a hat for himself (he was without a razorback hat), a laundry basket for me and football eye thingies for Graham.
  • Grannymom had appetizers at 11 this morning and we made it there just in time.  The kids enjoyed the "snacky lunch" as they like to call it.  She had empanadas and Dana brought dip and it was all delicious.  This day was a trifecta in my book-not a single meal was cooked or served at home/by me!
  • Robby helped usher at the football game so I dropped him off at the stadium.  I left the kids at Grannymom's house when I did this but once I neared the excitement of the tailgaters and the stadium, I was a bit disappointed that I didn't bring them.  They would have loved seeing all of the sights of the game.  But I am sure they were all having fun at Grannymom's house and they even seemed pretty calm when I came back to pick them up.
  • Nonna had given Reagan a Michaels gift card for her birthday.  So our main goal was to find something for her to buy.  We walked and walked and walked around that store.  The kids were excellent and Reagan knew exactly what she wanted when we had finished walking through the store.  She decided on perler beads-we have some but never use them.  She found some with different colors than what we had and I splurged and bought some new things to make the designs on so everyone was happy. 
  • I also found a wreath hanger and a bow for my wreath that I made.  I don't think the pictures really do it justice.  It is super cute and I totally copied it from my friend Alisa.  I was able to finish it tonight as we watched our movie.  It ended up not being too shabby for a 15 dollar wreath.  
  • Back at home, I put Whitman down.  He really, really wanted to stay up and let me know about it.  However, since everyone else had pulled out the perler beads (these tiny beads that you carefully place on a board and then I iron so they stick together) there was no way that Whitman could be up.  I really, really do not like the perler beads-they are tiny, they are everywhere and they involve me using my iron.  I don't think I had plugged up my iron in years!
  • The boys were also interested in watching the ball game.  The more Anderson is around football, the deeper his voice gets when he is talking.  My boys love them some football. Robby isn't a huge football fan-he likes to see the Hogs win but it isn't the end of the world if they lose. My Anderson and Graham screamed and yelled and jumped up and down as they watched their hogs flounder around today.
  • Even Keaton watched the ballgame today.  She was diligently looking for her daddy.  We knew he was in yellow and whenever we saw someone in yellow, I tried to convince them that it was Robby.  I really wanted for them to think that they had seen him since they were looking for him so hard.  At one point, Graham was yelling "get him, get him" as a Georgia player was running with the ball.  Beside him set Keaton yelling "get him Daddy, get him Daddy."
  • At halftime, we coasted to Nonna's house.  Not really coasted, we did probably have enough gas to get to Nonna's house.  Robby had told me that I needed more than "21 miles to go" when I got home or I would need to get a tiny bit of gas on the way home (he wanted to buy gas at another gas station so he could get a better price)  At the gas station, my car read "22 miles to go" and since home was another 5 miles, I pulled in to buy 5 dollars worth of gas.  When I pulled out, my car then read "24 miles to empty."  I don't know how that happened but I did know I wasn't going to have enough gas to get home, get to Nonnas, get back home and then back to the gas station.  After Nonna's house, we did meet Robby at the gas station so we could fill up both cars-there goes the grocery budget for the month! 
  • The kids were so happy when we pulled in to Nonna's house.  They walked in the front door and out the back door.  The boys convinced Jason to come out and play with them and apparently they played a game of tackle football.  All the kids, even Whitman, went out and played.  
  • Nonna had hot dogs and chili for everyone to eat.  The kids ate and then I convinced everyone to take baths or showers.  And when the kids weren't in the shower or bath tub, they were eating oreo pie!  At the end of the game, we loaded up to meet Robby.
  • Reagan took her medicine, Whitman went to bed, everyone brushed and then we watched the end of our Skylark movie.  The kids were so frightened by the fires in the movie but then so excited at the end of the movie.  It had been a busy, busy day and watching the movie was a great end to the day.  

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