October 26, 2014

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  • Robby's allergies were bothering him last night so he didn't sleep well but I sure did-never heard him at all.  So he was the first one up and soon everyone else was awake as well.  The kids quickly put their clothes on so we could leave for church....
  • Or maybe they were excited about leaving for donuts.  We stopped at Shipleys on the way to church and Robby came out with bags and boxes full of donuts.  For the kids he had glazed-they were hot, they were delicious and they were better than Krispy Kreme.  We had never had hot donuts from Shipleys.  He also had doughnut holes for them which made Whitman very happy.  But I was made happy by the chocolate filled donuts he had for me-those are delicious.
  • As you can imagine, by the time that we made it to church, we all had sugar all over ourselves.  Seriously, we were all covered in donuts-as in I should have brought a change of clothes for everyone!
  • The main reason we had donuts was because the big 3 had a contest at church for who could bring the most candy for GS Fest.  It was the boys against the girls and the boys lost.  I didn't really think that was fair since the kids aren't the ones buying the candy and who wants to see other kids enjoying a doughnut in front of you while you can't have one.  But they made it right and the girls had donuts and the boys had doughnut holes so everyone was happy.
  • After church, we went to Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  The grownups and Whitman happily crowd around the kitchen table while the kids took over the dining room table.  Soon we will be able to ship Whitman to the dining room to fend for himself too!  Some weeks the kids are quiet and subdued and other weeks they are not-this was one of those weeks.  Loud or not, they enjoy being with their cousins and they always have a good time so that is what matters.
  • We didn't stick around for too long after lunch because the afternoons on Sunday are oh so short.  Once at home, the kids finished a movie from Redbox while Whitman and Keaton napped.  When it was time to head to church, we woke them up and had to change Keaton's sheets since she wet the bed.  I guess she is just out of her normal routine because when we made it home, she only made it to the bathroom floor.  Oh, well that is why we have Fantastic and a washing machine.
  • The kids went to choir and my Campbell was so, so excited about singing in big church.  I do think that she was the most adorable child up there-I couldn't really see her since there was a little girl much taller in front of her!  Ha!  She was the proudest child to be up there singing-she has been waiting for years to be able to sing in big church like her brothers and sister.  
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham were up next and if I do say so myself, I think those kids are pretty great too.  They sand one song and then they sang Amazing Grace-loved that.  Then it was sermon time.  Campbell had a bit of trouble sitting still during church this morning so I wedged her in between the edge of the pew and me and she did much better tonight.
  • Dave had us doing a bit of Bible drill during the sermon.  Campbell enjoyed trying to find the right numbers and Reagan thought it was like a contest so she sure rushed to find each verse.  Anderson started trying to keep up but then he just slammed his Bible and was done.  
  • The kids so wanted to play on the playground after church but it was dark so we headed home for ice cream truck.  If you want my children to do things quickly (like put shoes up, laundry away and put on pajamas) then you just bribe them with ice cream.  I guess I would do all that quickly if someone was bribing me with ice cream!    

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