October 8, 2014

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Brush,brush,brush your teeth!

  • Bible study day and even though we didn't have our Anderson around to help, we were able to still get everything accomplished that we needed to before leaving for Bible study and we were able to see Grannymom and Grandpa for a few minutes.  They were back another day to work more on the tree house and shed.  
  • We had one stop along the way to pick Anderson up from Nonna.  Anderson was so happy to tell us all about his night out and how he followed a worker man around Chuck E Cheese collecting tickets.  He gathered and won about 400 tickets and was able to bring home about 4 tootsie rolls.  Oh, I am kidding-he did bring home a bit more than that-4 tootsie rolls and lollipop!
  • We made it to Bible study a few minutes early but by the time I made it to large group that silly video had already started.  I tell you, one day I am going to get there before that video starts...but not next week because I volunteered to work in the nursery.  
  • Bible study was fine but by the time I had my kids in the car, I was frazzled.  Every time we approached the car, the debating would start about who would ride up front and where everyone else would sit (I was in Robby's car so there was always someone up front with me and no assigned seats.)  And Reagan and Anderson didn't leave their class at first since they were working on a word search so Keaton and Campbell ran in there (after we had already been through not going into anyone's class.)  
  • We met all of our buddies at Rock Creek and everyone had lots of fun playing-except for Whitman who spent his time fussing.  He never ate his lunch but was insistent on carrying it around with him.  At one point, he spent his time crying by the trash can because he thought I had thrown his lunch away-his lunch was in my hand that I was trying to show to him. Gracious me!  
  • After playing at Rock Creek, we left to go and see Beebee.  She has a new room mate who is quite different than her last one-the last one was talkative and with it, this one, not so much! But the kids still dutifully recited their names and ages when they were told.  They also did this per Beebee's request when a nurse came in the room.  When the nurse left, she said in the hallway to us or to someone else: "They sure are cute."  Graham shouted back "yep" and this tickled Beebee to no end.  That child!
  • We made it home about the time that Grannymom and Grandpa were getting ready to leave. They finished the shed and then Robby and I worked this afternoon cleaning, spraying and starting to restock it.  Though that will take quite a bit of tomorrow too.  And Grannymom finished most of the tree house but maybe tomorrow after school, I can help some as well.  
  • The kids rested and watched tv this afternoon.  Campbell was in and out since she is unable to be further than 10 feet from me during the afternoons.  The boys did come out long enough to warrant them needing showers before church.  So we quickly had to wash and re-clothe everyone.  
  • Then to church for the evening.  Keaton and Campbell both pulled the not wanting to go into their class but we just lovingly shove them in their class and leave and they were fine.  I was able to work on my Bible study while we were doing our puppet jobs.  Then we picked up the crew and headed home.
  • The kids thought they needed a snack before bed so we obliged and then sent everyone to bed.  Last night Robby said that he spent a good part of the night sleeping in Campbell's bed. That girl was calling for us in the middle of the night-earlier in the night she had fallen out of the bed and I went upstairs to put her back in.  Then minutes later she cried out for me-she never woke up when she fell out of bed but woke up as soon as I got settled on the couch downstairs!

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