October 5, 2014

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Graham receives his 1st Grade Bible!

  • Did you notice that I had a ghost writer of my blog last night?  Well, I did-Robby was the author of last night's blog.  I was a bit under the weather (I only remember being that sick when Anderson was a newborn.)  
  • Just to brag on my Reagan, last night as I was trying my best to help with showers (no, I didn't have to help since Robby had it under control but I was trying).  I was actually laying in the closet floor and Reagan started folding the nearby laundry.  Robby also said that he could tell that she stepped it up and was helping out last night since I was sickly.
  • We all slept really well and Robby fed the kids breakfast this morning while I found them church clothes.  We teach 3rd grade but I had been asked to work in one of the baby rooms this morning so Robby had to do that just leaving the other teachers in our class.  I watched Robby and the kids' heads online during the church service this morning and it looked like they were listening well.
  • We all met at Nonna's house to celebrate Jason's birthday.  Nonna had bbq and a huge Jo Powell Cake.  (Jo Powell is the lady that Nonna received the recipe from years ago so the cake is now known as the Jo Powell cake.)  It was delicious and but Whitman is the one who enjoyed it the most-he smeared it on his face, on his tummy and all over his hair.  It was a good thing that I had already stripped him down to his diaper to eat the beans we had for lunch.
  • Robby took a few kids home a few minutes before I brought home the last few.  I wasn't in too big of a rush because I figured he could get the little ones in bed first.  He did and soon Campbell, Robby and I were sleeping upstairs for a few minutes before choir.  
  • My Keaton became a bit under the weather during the afternoon but the show must go on so she stayed with us during choir and then even sat in big church with us.  Tonight, Graham received his first grade Bible.  That boy was so excited about getting his Bible and Reagan and Anderson were just as excited for him.  When he walked by after getting his Bible, Campbell said "good boy" to him.  I love how they all get so excited for each other and how they sometimes take good care of each other as well.
  • Anderson and Reagan received a nice compliment about how well they sang their hymn tonight in choir.  This was the first night to sing it and I can only imagine them belting it out. Now, my Graham was already in big church practicing getting his Bible so he wasn't able to sing his tonight-and that poor boy has been practicing and practicing.  By next week though he will be able to belt it out solo so it will still be good.  
  • After church they had a small (very, very small-almost oddly small) reception and then we headed home.  We actually bolted out of the church house because I could tell Keaton wasn't herself and let's just say that it is a good thing that we have lots of towels in the car! Afterwards, she had a shower and was her spunky self again and is now sleeping in our room.
  • Reagan, Graham and Campbell have all said or acted like their tummys were upset but only time will tell.   I told Robby that usually when we have sick kids, I am always dreading them getting sick but I am also dreading me getting sick-this time, I have one less thing to worry about.  Hopefully, everyone can sleep through the night, we all stay/get healthy and this little bug isn't passed around!

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