October 6, 2014

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Big night of games at War Memorial Stadium!

  • When I left you last night, I was hoping that everyone slept well and no one else got sick-well that didn't work at as planned.  My Reagan was up with an upset stomach so she was soon moved downstairs with us.  Robby and I quickly cleaned up her mess and decided that we should head to bed-Robby went to the bonus room and I laid down with the girls in my room.
  • I never hear anything at all during the night but I heard every single sound in this house last night-I wasn't scared but I guess that I wasn't sleeping that deeply and I was dreaming constantly.  Keaton tossed and turned and rolled so I decided to lay in the floor with her.  She would talk and make noises-I asked Reagan more than once if Keaton was always this noisy and she said that she was.
  • At one time during the night, Keaton sat up and said "put my shirt back on me."  She looked at me just as confused as I was looking at her.  She was confused because I wasn't putting her shirt back on and I was confused because her shirt was on.  Every few hours, she would dry heave (sorry) and then go back to sleep.  Another time during the night, I was sitting up and laid back down and she had her arm under me.  Then she said "don't lay be me."  I starred at her thinking that she could have told me that hours ago before I spent all night laying in the floor with her.
  • Around 4, the storm woke Robby up and he ventured downstairs with us.  He was pleased to see that it was the same 2 kids in the floor and that they weren't joined by anyone else.  From that point on, I think that the rest of us slept well and soon we were getting Campbell ready for school.  
  • Robby took Campbell to school and the rest of us started on school.  I wish that school would have gone wonderfully today but it did go as well as could be expected.  My Reagan woke up feeling really, really well and she never complained during the school day (she probably should have since I would have let her skip a few things).  But her math today got a bit harder (349 X 45) so that took her a lot longer.  And then Anderson's math also got harder (borrowing when subtracting hundreds).  They did eventually get things done and we weren't in too big of a hurry so it all worked out well.
  • Most of the school morning was spent stepping over Keaton.  She had a huge breakfast-cheerios, yogurt, toast and applesauce but then she crashed.  She often was seen laying in the floor and when I covered her up and gave her a pillow-she fell asleep and slept for almost 3 hours.
  • By lunch, our sleeping beauty woke up and Whitman was also awake from his morning nap. He tickles me now-he used to sing Happy Birthday all of the time but now he has started singing the ABCs.  I gave him a bowl of beans for lunch and practically had to hose the kid down afterwards but finding a food that he will eat is amazing!
  • The afternoon was spent playing Keaton's new game, hauling all of my garage sale stuff to the garage (so glad to have lots of child labor to help me out), playing on their kindles, making supper, pricing garage sale stuff, napping (Keaton and Whitman) and getting ready for the football games tonight.  
  • We had supper when Robby arrived and then it was time to head out to the last football and cheerleading games of the season.  When we arrived at War Memorial Stadium, Keaton said "this is not football" but tonight it was.
  • My Graham played on one end of the field and my girls cheered on the other side so that made things a bit difficult for us.  But I was able to watch Graham and go and see the girls occasionally.  Graham did wonderful tonight and even threw a pass that ended up in a touchdown.  And you would not believe how far my Campbell has come-when she was getting ready tonight, she told me that she would be the cutest girl out there.  When we went to bed I whispered to her that she was the cutest one out there.  Then I whispered to Reagan that she was the best cheerleader out there and Reagan whispered back "I know."  
  • Next up was Anderson's game and my boy scored a touchdown-we don't really know how he got the ball but all that matters is that he scored a touchdown and it all happened right in front of us.  Our section was so loud that as he ran back to the line, he put his fingers in his ears-love to embarrass them! 
  • My kids were tickled with the trophies and they were probably even more tickled with the cupcakes that they had when the game was over!  When we left, we headed home for showers and a tiny snack before finally reading our Bible story-we haven't read it in a few nights since it has been late and people have been sick.  It is so fun watching them get all excited about what is happening in our Bible story-tomorrow is another big day around here-school, tree house staining and shed remodeling.  

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