October 4, 2014

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Go Upward!

  • We were out later than usual last night so no one was stirring too early except Robby and I. We both had set our alarms and by the time they both went off twice, they must have woke Whitman. As soon as Robby got him out he bed, he zoomed to the pantry and found himself cereal so Robby decided he better get breakfast ready quick.
  • Soon the smell of bacon began waking the rest of the children up and, of course, the boys had their uniforms on in seconds.  The girls were not too far behind.
  • Bacon, eggs and breakfast made a happy start to the morning but it also meant more clean up and left us scurry to leave the house on time.  Not before the kids had dumped every winter piece of clothing scavenging for gloves, jackets, scrarfs...
  • We made it to football fields in plenty of time for the girls to run through the tunnel. It was pretty chilly and the wind blowing but with the sun up, we managed to stay warm but we did go through a large thermas of hot chocolate.
  • I must say we are almost near the finished but Campbell has really stayed more focus the last game or too. And I think Reagan as turned into team captain.  She has been getting the cheers started and you can usually find her doing kicks or cheers around the house these days.  The girls did a mini-dance during halftime, took a break and the finished cheering and the game was soon over.
  • We moved up to Graham's field and he was pleased with his performance. He manged a long run before someone pulled his flag (or maybe they tackled him). He told Robby later tonight, "That really did hurt when the guy knocked me down but I didn't want to tell everyone because that get's all weird..."  After his long run, he even helped run a few trick plays. (Think Robby was pulling out all the stops today to try to secure a victory - not sure if it panned out or not. No one seemed to know the exact score at the end of the game but Graham as convinced they won.)
  • Today Keaton decided she would skip the fast food run and went home with Whitman, Grannymom and Grandpa. Whitman took a quick nap while Keaton played and probably talked Grannymom's ear off.  Meanwhile, we used up our last Chick-Fil-A coupons and the kids played for a bit but more interested in getting their ice cream.
  • We headed back to Anderson's game and didn't have to play as much as center this game so that made him happy, happy.  The team they played was quick but near the end Anderson intercepted and then on the next offensive play had a great long catch.  He enjoyed all the cheers from the side of the field. (Notice in one of the pictures how many chairs it takes to seat our little family...)
  • With no Razorback game today, there was no reason to rush home (although we have plenty of chores we could be doing) but the kids didn't want to leave the field and kept having Robby throw them the ball.  But by the time we got home, Robby decided we had time to get started on a bigger project later in the week.  The outdoor shed is in need of repair so he and his dad plan to work on it later next week when he has a few days off.  So we emptied out the little shed, moved it over, put stuff back in it, took stuff off the wall in the big shed and then I don't know what else Robby did but I came back in to finish unpacking from earlier in the day.
  • And soon Nonna and Pops showed up since they were joining us for our outing tonight which was the West Pulaski Fire Department Fish Fry.  This was the first year we were around and they had plenty of fish, chicken, fries, beans, and cookies.  And the people sure turned out and filled the gymnasium of Martindale Baptist Church. We saw a few neighbors and folks from the little church down the street where the kids have gone to VBS.
  • We headed home, Nonna and Pops left and the kids stayed outside a bit more to throw the football and enjoy the chill of the air.  They had time to watch an episode of Wipeout and then it was bedtime. Everyone was pretty worn out from the busy day.

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