October 28, 2014

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An afternoon of decorating...

  • Such a rainy, fall day-I just love days like this and it was a perfect start to the day.  Even though we could tell that people were awake upstairs, Campbell was the only one who came downstairs to snuggle with us in our bed.  
  • Soon though, we had to get her ready for school and of course, Keaton wanted to go with Robby so off they went.  This was another big day for Campbell at school so she was ready to leave.
  • I declared this poptart day for everyone so my big people could eat in the school room and get to work.  I only had until 10 before I had to leave so we needed to get school done quickly. By the time I had finished working with everyone, it was already 10.  
  • So I put Whitman and his snack in the pack n play upstairs so he could watch Robby run.  Keaton and Graham (who had already finished school) were up there too and Reagan and Anderson were downstairs working hard.  
  • At 10, I did run out of this place so I could get to Campbell's fall party.  She was so proud to have me there and Ms. Stacy said that she had looked for me out the window most of the day.  That was probably true because one of the first questions that she asked me was "what car did you come in?"
  • Campbell was the cutest child in her class and she was so excited to pass out her goodie bags to her friends.  I brought a game "pumpkin ring toss" and it is amazing how excited the kids can get over a lame game-it all just depends on how exciting you make it sound.  
  • Back at home, the crowd was buzzing about tonight and all the people coming over.  We went to the grocery store so we decided we should have a party-Nonna, Pops, Grannymom, Grandpa, Jason, Lilli, and Cash all came over.  A few minutes before our family supper, I asked Robby if maybe we could turn it into a birthday party really quickly.  But I guess people would have needed presents for that!
  • Until then, we had lots to do to get ready for tonight.  But first, there were Halloween gingerbread houses to decorate.  We had 2 houses that survived (from last year's clearance rack) so we had a girl house and a boy house to decorate.  We started with 3 houses and after Reagan did some quick math, she decided that she wanted to be partners with Whitman-that sneaky little girl trying to do it all by herself.  Unfortunately, she ended up with Campbell and Keaton as partners but she kept them busy on the sides and back so everyone stayed happy.
  • My boys worked and worked on their house.  The kids were at the table decorating and Robby and I were at the bar trying to cook-by the end my kitchen was trashed.  But not only was the kitchen filthy, the kids were covered in black and green icing.  At one point, Robby looked up and Keaton was squeezing the black icing onto her hand and licking it off.  
  • We then had a bit of time for the kids to watch their tv shows and then the family started arriving.  Everyone was so excited that Lilli and Cash were there but everyone also seemed to be excited about supper-bbq, au gratin potatoes, salad, baked beans and oreo delight.  Robby didn't really love his new bbq recipe but it was worth a try and it did feed a crowd.  
  • After we ate, there was time to chat and time for the kids to play.  Then everyone left and we quickly picked up and then showered the kids (half of them had already had showers this afternoon but had them again.  Whitman does get showers often because it is pretty easy to contain him in the shower.)  Then it was Bible story and bedtime around here-tomorrow is another busy day!

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