October 10, 2014

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Out for ice cream!

  • Right before 7, Keaton called me.  She doesn't just say things once but over and over again..."Momma, I need you, Momma, I need you..." and on and on it went until I could get myself down the hall, up the stairs, down their hall and into their room.  Her diaper and bed were soaking wet so I quickly threw her sheets in the wash, found her some dry undies and told her to go and get in bed with Daddy.  By the time I had finished up there, Campbell was coming down the stairs with us.  
  • A few minutes later, Graham woke up and saw Campbell laying in the floor of our bedroom with me (we let Keaton and Robby have the bed) and he said "what happened to Campbell?"  I guess that he thought she was sick too and was moved downstairs but thankfully, no one was sick today.  My Graham woke up feeling great with only a lingering cough.  Now, Whitman and Keaton do have a runny nose but all are feeling good.
  • We had our breakfast as Robby was leaving-biscuits.  We bought 4 cans of the Kroger brand and after baking 2 of them days ago, we weren't big fans.  So I thought that I would finish off those last 2 cans today-they were all eaten up this morning but it probably helped a lot that I dipped them in cinnamon and sugar before baking them.  Well, I didn't really dip them in cinnamon and sugar-my little helpers (Keaton and Campbell) did.
  • After breakfast, we started on school.  We don't do spelling on Fridays and that makes me happier than it even makes the kids.  Graham flew through a library book that I thought would be challenging to him.  Reagan is getting less wrong on her math each day.  Anderson is doing more of his Bible study independently.  Campbell is doing well on her reading book and Keaton finally got to paint this morning.  She has been asking to for days and as soon as we put Whitman down for his nap, the paints were pulled out.  Campbell, Graham and her painted and painted.  Reagan even got in on the act and painted some-I have decided that someone should be making BB a card every week-a little something to brighten her walls. 
  • At 11, we started on our together work.  We were a few days behind on our reading so here is a run down of things we did: skip counting, planets, bones, Bible verses, Bible passage, science, history, our dinosaur book, presidents, Bible books, geography, states and capitals, James and the Giant Peach...and as you can imagine all of that takes about an hour so I was rushing to get lunch served before 12:30.  
  • The kids were rowdy this afternoon but that might have been because I dumped all of the Halloween costumes out so they could find this years.  Reagan was the lucky one to have a new pirate costume bought for her.  Anderson wanted to be the ninja that he was last year and Graham wanted to be a football player (his football jersey added to with some baseball pants and he was in business).  Keaton wanted to be a cheerleader and Whitman was so adorable in 2 costumes that I couldn't pick.  
  • But Campbell was struggling to find something-she was planning on being a 70s girls and borrowing one from Lilli but the pants were way, way too long so that wouldn't work.  Then she tried on Reagan's pumpkin that she was last year but it wasn't that cute and she didn't like it. Then my Campbell tried on 2 costumes that were way too small since she wore them last year and the year before.  And then she started to cry, not just cry but sob.  I had one last costume that might work and told her that if this one didn't work then we would get her a new one (thanks to Amazon prime we have plenty of time to order one) so she put on the karate suit and it worked.  After much talking it up by Reagan and me, Campbell was convinced and she was pretty cute.  She will be in the most comfortable costume of all the Dennies.
  • After all of the costumes were put up, it was nap time for the crew...and I think that I even dozed off today too.  The big 3 earned a new kindle game for improving their math scores so they were so excited to pick them out.  I mumbled as I snoozed to write the names of their games down so I would remember-it was a good thing I said that or I would have no idea what games they had picked.
  • When Robby came home, we had supper and then headed out for our big evening-Cold Stone. My poor kids had never been to Cold Stone and were wide eyed watching them smash the ice cream on the cold stones.  We ate and ate and ate our ice cream and then we came home just before the storm.
  • We put Whitman to bed and then started our Sarah, Plain and Tall movie.  The kids loved it (so did I) and we were able to watch most of it before everyone became to restless.  Then it was bedtime for all-Graham isn't coughing too much so that is good.  Tomorrow may be a busy day or it may not be...all depending on the weather!

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