October 24, 2014

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Loving the big slide at GSFest!

  • This morning Whitman was one of the first few up.  He actually started fussing soon after the others came downstairs. He usually will just talk in his bed until we come to get him.  I quickly got ready and then let the troops wake him up. Whitman did calm down when they got him out of bed but he wanted me to hold him until we made our breakfast.
  • Today was made muffins for breakfast-they were good but 2 packages only made 11 muffins.  I guess I might just have to start making my own muffin batter and freezing it.  That way, I could get a muffin and Whitman could have more than 1 (today he ate Keaton's leftover muffin).  
  • I had pretty much filled their boxes with easy stuff (or at least I thought it was fun and easy!) so school was finishing up by 10ish.  I put Whitman in the pack n play and the rest of us sat around him while I read.  My Graham almost lost his GS Fest visit during our reading.  Oh, that boy gets me sometimes!  Campbell and him feed off of each other sometimes-gracious me.  I wanted to load them all up and drop them off at the pumpkin patch!
  • After our reading, we started on our Cezanne pictures-we started painting a still life of apples. So it will be interesting how those turn out-if they do at all!  Soon it was lunch time-today's lunch was a hit: mac and cheese, tomato soup and croutons for the soup.  The croutons were the biggest hit-we finished the entire bag!  
  • Then I delayed chores so we could work on switching over Reagan's clothes.  We had pretty much everything ready so we just had to organize and narrow down a few things.  Reagan's rejects, I threw to Campbell to try on and Keaton was trying on anything she could get her hands on.  She thought all of those clothes were hers and had made herself a pretty good stack of clothes.  Then she could not understand why I would not let her keep any size 8 clothes.  
  • Afterwards, it was nap time and the big kids worked on their perler beads during their movie.  My Anderson made a tow truck, a cross, a football and goal post, an elf and some other things that I ironed and then he started working on an eagle.  He definitely spends the most time on those silly beads.  
  • I guess that Whitman wanted to get in on the bed act today.  Robby told me that Whitman had just gone into the school room but I didn't think anything about it.  A few minutes later, Reagan walked into the kitchen crying.  I asked what was wrong and she said that Whitman had dumped her beads-the new beads that she bought with her birthday money.  All 2000+ of those beads had been perfectly sorted.  So I called an all hands on deck and everyone came to help. We worked and worked and worked some more-we sorted until it was time to leave and we even had to leave in a hurry (we will be able to finish tomorrow-hopefully).
  • I dropped Whitman off at Nonna's house and Robby picked up pizza.  Then we sat in the parking lot at church eating our supper and watching the people come in.  Eventually, we got in line for GS Fest and soon were in the gates.
  • We headed over to the kid area and the slides were the first ones to do.  Then the little swings, the little roller coaster and then the fun house.  Next the big kids did the house of mirrors while the little girls did the ladybugs.
  • After that we split up (I don't like doing that though) but we needed to cover some ground.  Keaton and Campbell rode the motorcycles and Reagan, Anderson and Graham got in line for the ferris wheel.  Poor Graham-he wasn't tall enough so I took him back down to Robby.  He was able to ride the cars with the girls.  I felt sorry for him but he does take things like that all in stride-us Dennies are just short!  
  • After the ferris wheel, we all met back up and had a drink and then played the carnival type games followed by a quick run on the jumpies.  Then it was back to the carnival games before leaving Robby there to work his 9-12 shift.  At Nonna's house, my Keaton and Campbell ran into potty and I got a sleeping Whitman out of bed and put him in his car seat.
  • Whitman never woke up as I changed his diaper and put him into bed at home.  The others looked at their candy and then had a drink before brushing their teeth and heading to bed.  I finished our James and the Giant Peach book before saying goodnight to them.  I am sure they were asleep quick since it was a bit after 10 when I came downstairs.  

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