October 13, 2014

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No pumpkin patch so had to make my own!

  • Today was to be pumpkin patch day for Campbell's class and even though it was lightening and the wind was wildly blowing the trees when I woke up, we still waited for the email saying that there would be no pumpkin patch.  My Campbell didn't really care though and was pretty excited to go to school with Whitman riding in the car with her.
  • Robby was planning on staying at home with the kids when I went to the patch with Campbell but he opted to just work from home today.  He was probably glad that he didn't have to fight the crazy weather related traffic all the way to work.  The rain came down like crazy while he was taking Campbell to school. 
  • Since the kids had already finished their math this weekend, school was a breeze (and since Whitman was gone for a while with Robby and Keaton was at Grannymom's house).  We finished in time to do some together work and then wake Whitman up in time for him to play some before lunch.  
  • Yesterday, he found our doll house car so today I pulled it out for him and found him some dolls to put inside of it.  This made that boy so happy-he just sat and played with it for what seemed like an hour.  We then had lunch and began our afternoon.  
  • The big event of our afternoon was organizing the pencils and crayons in the school room.  We organized, labeled and cleaned out so hopefully they will stay nice and neat...maybe for a few days at least.  After that, it was rest time for Whitman but he never went to sleep.  Robby eventually had to rescue him-even though he went to sleep late this morning, he slept so soundly and was out when I went in to wake him up.
  • As soon as everyone was settled this afternoon, I ran out to buy a few supplies to make a wreath (we will see how it turns out) and picked up a few other necessities at Walmart.  Then I picked up my little girls.  Campbell and Keaton were sitting at the kitchen table eating candy when I walked in.  They had plenty to tell me all about her day and Campbell had the cutest painting of pumpkins that she had made today.  
  • Once we were home, Robby grilled hamburgers and then we ate.  My Whitman was in a mood tonight.  He didn't want to eat anything and when Robby tried to hand him a drink, he didn't want his cup but wanted Robby's cup.  His supper ended with all of his food on the floor, a good swat on his hand and lots of tears.  (Where, oh where are our ear plugs?)
  • Since we ate fairly early we had a long evening-plenty of time to finish our Sarah movie and then we even played Keaton's new game from her birthday before putting everyone in bed.  

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