October 29, 2014

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Doesn't everyone dress up at Target?

  • The kids lost their kindles a week ago or maybe it was even longer than that.  But anyway, this was the day that they received them back and this caused us to almost oversleep today and miss Bible study. Instead of the boys coming to our room at 7 when they woke up, they ran to the closet and found those kindles and played happily until we finally stirred.
  • They didn't get to play on those too long because it was time to get ready and eat our breakfast before leaving for Bible study.  The morning was going splendidly and we had left about 2 minutes after when I would like to leave.  Then after driving about 4 miles from the house, I heard those dreaded words: Mom, I don't have my shoes!  
  • Seriously?  What do my children think we mean when we say "go put on your shoes."  If it was Keaton or Whitman I wouldn't have turned around because they don't really need them.  And if it was Graham, Reagan or Anderson I would have debated not turning around just so they could learn a lesson.  But the shoeless child was Campbell so we did turn around and since Robby was home, he met us in the driveway with those shoes.  I should just probably keep an extra pair in the car.  I could get a size that most everyone could wear and just stash them like I keep a few pairs of extra clothes in the car.
  • Thankfully, that extra trip didn't slow us down and we made it to Bible study on time.  The kids all delighted in carrying in their Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  I had planned on doing 2 boxes this year but decided that we had enough stuff so we ended up doing 4.  I tend to hoard things that I think would be shoe box worthy during the year and my friends would laugh me out of the room if they knew that I now already have a box to stash shoe box stuff for 2015. It is a sickness that I have.
  • After Bible study, I had planned on going to the park but since none of the other girls were going to the park I wasn't sure what to do.  Robby was going to bring us lunch but since I wasn't sure of my plans he didn't and this greatly displeased my children.  I royally messed up there and to top things off, it wasn't Sonic happy hour so that just made them more upset.  We did go and see Beebee first and since she wasn't at lunch it did work out well.  We were home and eating lunch by 1 so it did make our afternoon seem longer-long enough for me to have a 30 minute nap!  As soon as my alarm went off, Campbell came and asked to sleep beside me. Oh, I wished we could have.
  • But we had places to go-Target to get flu shots for Anderson and me.  The initial plans were to go Chick Fil A to use our receipt from the other day but after waiting on our shots, we didn't have time.  Anderson was my brave guy and didn't even flinch with his shot-I am sure that I did.  I do hate flu shots-why do they have to make your arm so sore?  
  • We did pick up supper at McyDs on the way to church and ate in the diner.  The kids then scurried off to class and Robby and I passed the evening doing puppet shows and reading magazines.  Back at home, everyone changed into their pjs and we all had a bit of a snack before bedtime.  

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