October 14, 2014

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School Picture Day!

  • You know it is Tuesday morning breakfast time when you hear the smoke alarms going off again and again in the kitchen.  My silly toaster forgets to pop up half of the time so half of the kids had to eat burnt toast.  No, I didn't make them eat burnt toast though I probably should have for all of the craziness that would happen each time the smoke alarm went off.  As I was climbing on the table to hit the button to make the alarm stop, I looked down to see Keaton holding her hands over Whitman's ears, Campbell holding her hands over Keaton's ear and Anderson's hands were covering Campbell's ears.  All of that was a bit excessive if you ask me-this does happen quite often on Tuesdays (toast day.)  I guess that I can't blame my toaster too much since it is nearing 15 years old-at least it makes the morning exciting.
  • Campbell had picture today at school and since we probably won't buy any, I thought that I better take a picture of that baby before she left for school.  She was the cutest thing ever-Reagan had even suggested she wear her shirt and I thankfully found the cutest pink pants for her to wear.  She was adorable and she possibly knew it since I had told her over and over again.  
  • The rest of us started school here.  Reagan is still not feeling all that great-I found her laying in the hallway after cleaning up the breakfast mess.  I asked her if she wanted to lay down and read so she did that and then I brought her math and phonics.  She really only got up once to get more school work and then I told her that we would work together and then she could be finished.  She could not believe that she wasn't going to have to finish all of her school work.
  • Of course this didn't go over too well with Anderson-he didn't understand why he couldn't skip some of his school boxes.  I tried to explain that she still had to do those boxes just not right then and I tried to remind him that she was sick.  I guess that I wasn't very convincing because this led to him having a pretty bad attitude for the rest of the morning.
  • Now my Graham didn't have a bad attitude and he had finished his school work early so you would think that he would have been perfectly happy but he can not occupy himself and ended up getting into trouble which led to many exasperated eye rolls, flailing his body around in frustration...it was probably a good thing that we skipped our together work and reading and let my boys calm down some (we skipped since Reagan was napping.)
  • Soon it was lunch time and we did catch up on some of our reading then.  After lunch, the boys helped do Reagan's chores and Keaton helped Anderson finish his chores.  Today, Anderson had the favorite chore-refilling all of the bathrooms with toilet paper.  I don't know why this is such a big deal to the kids but they all love doing it.
  • The kids had a restful afternoon and soon Campbell was home.  Pops even got out for his first non-doctor outing since his knee surgery.  They didn't stick around too long but long enough to see everyone.  When they left, I worked a bit around the house and soon it was time for everyone to wake up.  
  • Robby was home later today so the  kids were pretty antsy this evening.  I finally just made them pull their kindles back out so they could sit calmly for a bit and play.  We had Mexican for supper and then even had time to watch a Bible story movie.  Whitman laid some on the floor and watched the movie but he also sat on people, jumped on the couch and stood on the coffee table during the movie!  As soon as the clock struck 7:30, that boy was put to bed!
  • After the others were in bed, Robby and I were in the kitchen when I looked out and saw a possum about 5 feet from our patio.  Robby had the bb gun in his hand and said he had gotten it to shoot at the skunk that he had seen earlier.  Then we saw and skunk and possum beside each other, they circled around each other, the skunk stuck her tail up, the possum jumped but that was about it.  Personally, I was a little disappointed.  Eventually, Robby remembered that he had poured out the grease from last nights hamburgers in that spot on the yard and that was what was attracting all of the wildlife.  Who knows what animals we will see later when we go to bed.

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