October 12, 2014

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Keaton Mae!

  • Last night after I finished my blog, I saw a skunk in the backyard.  I told Robby and he went to get the BB gun.  I stood at the door reminding him over and over that I thought it was not a good idea to shoot at a skunk.  I knew that we didn't have that much tomato juice and I knew that this morning was church.Thankfully, the BBs only scared the skunk and he scurried away without feeling the need to mark his territory.  
  • We all woke up this morning and I fed the kids breakfast-we were out of doughnuts so that was almost a catastrophe but we had some new cereal so pulling it out was like Christmas morning.  Everyone was actually dressed and ready in time for me to sit and fold another load of laundry.  Robby and I were talking that we feel like our laundry system works-he gets the clothes into the washer and usually the dryer and then I fold and put them away (Reagan does put away the kid clothes for her chore) but seriously, laundry is done every single day.  I guess we could wait and do 3-4 loads at a time but that would be so overwhelming to me.
  • Today was a big day at church because the kid choirs helped lead in worship.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham sang and all did wonderful.  On the way up to the choir loft, I reminded the boys that their daddy would quickly walk up onto the stage and take them out if they were not doing the right thing.  Anderson said "that would be embarrassing" and I reminded him that was the point!  But there was no need for that because they were perfect singing their little hearts out for Jesus.
  • Then we had lunch at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.  It was quiche and the kids all seemed to love it.  And there was apple dumplings for dessert-my favorite.  Now Whitman wasn't too big into eating today but he did find a banana to eat. I think he was really just holding out for dessert!
  • This afternoon when it was time to go, I told Whitman that we had to go bye-bye and he looked up at me and waved bye to me.  He thought he was getting to stay so Grannymom offered to keep him and we took her up on it.  That meant that we could lay down on the couch that much quicker this afternoon!  
  • As soon as we were home, I bribed Keaton with taking a nap-I told her that if she took a really good nap, she could spend the night with Grannymom tonight and she was asleep in seconds. The others watched a few movies while Robby and I dozed-we had told Campbell that she could come sleep upstairs with us or she had to stay downstairs.  She couldn't just wander around from place to place so she opted to watch a movie and had her Sunday afternoon nap in my bed.  
  • All too soon, it was choir time and we headed to church again.  Keaton was able to go with Robby to the coffee shop for a cookie so this made her really, really happy.  Then it was time for church tonight.  Campbell does really well on Sunday mornings but Sunday nights are another story-she just moves and moves and moves.  But Graham was on the other side of Robby coughing his head off.  He eventually had to leave to go and get some water.
  • Keaton was excited to go home with Grannymom after church but Whitman was not so happy about this.  He wanted to go and cried as they left and then when Robby put him down, he beelined to the door that Grannymom and Grandpa left from.  That little stinker but we did make him happy once we were at home and he had his Sunday night ice cream truck!  I think everyone was happy with our new selection of ice cream!

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