October 2, 2014

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All I needed was  a step stool....

  • Oh, I had been doing so well at getting up to exercise but I woke up to go to the bathroom right before my alarm went off-how horrible is that?  I probably should have gotten up right then but that just didn't sound like a good idea at all!  
  • Robby took Campbell to school this morning-she doesn't complain to much but I know she would rather be here with us.  I think she is a bit of a homebody (like me) but she also realizes that the rest of us are here and we are having lots of fun (kind of!)  Now she has been telling me about one little girl that isn't too nice.  Campbell called her "mean" and said that she never wanted to play with her.  My Campbell can be a toot sometimes but I am just going to have to figure out which little girl is being mean to my baby.  I don't like that at all!
  • I wasn't in too big of a hurry during school today-we had to stop school early today so we could get ready and then get my to my hair appointment.  I had decided that what we didn't finish, we could just finish tomorrow since we were going to the Rice Depot.  But about mid morning, we got a text saying Rice Depot was cancelled-they didn't have a volunteer coordinator there tomorrow.  We will try to reschedule but now our off-day tomorrow has to be a school day since that off-day will be moved to when we get to go to the Rice Depot.  Needless to say, this messed everyone up!  The kids all had about 3 more things to finish and worked on them during the afternoon some.  (I don't think we will do everything tomorrow though.  We do need to finish our Van Gogh pictures and when you get in your head that it is an off day from school, you really, really want it to be an off day!)
  • I dropped everyone but Campbell off at Nonna and Pops' house.  They played inside and outside (you should see my Graham do to the monkey bars-just like a ninja warrior.  The others-not so much).  They had lunch and lots of snacks.  
  • I picked up Campbell and she went with me for my hair cut.  I didn't have time to get her to Nonna's house after school so she was the lucky one to accompany me.  She enjoyed it though-a lollipop and getting to play on my phone!  What is better than that!  
  • Then we went to pick up the others.  We stuck around and played for a while before heading home.  Once at home, we played Keaton's new game-3 times and then it was afternoon time-movies and naps!  I would have liked a movie and a nap but I worked on a few things around the house.
  • When Robby came home, he helped us all make our own pizzas.  The kids loved making their pizzas-even Whitman was interested in this part.  We finished eating them just as the Wilson's came over.  Robby had to borrow his truck so they ran to get some lumber while Shannon stayed and chatted with me and Brett played with the kids.  
  • The kids played outside and even played a few games inside.  My little people were loud and everywhere tonight but that is life.  Shannon said "is it always like this?"  Yep!  It pretty much is always like this!  They stayed and talked for awhile-and we were talking about the weather just as Jason and Pops started calling and texting me at the same time.  They have been told to please call me when the tornado sirens go off so that is what they did!  
  • We probably should have headed to the Wilson's safe room-the tv station we were watching was not as accurate as Pops' station that he was watching.  We did all go into Robby's closet to watch the weather for a few minutes-the kids asked why we weren't watching the weather in the living room but we said that closet was cozier.  My big kids knew what was going on and Graham asked a zillion questions about everything he saw and heard on the weather tonight.  We showed them that we were out of harms way and even the thunderstorm would be past us by the time we went to bed tonight and everyone seemed relieved at this.  Today was another good day!

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