October 9, 2014

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He loves his little sis!

  • Campbell had school this morning and it was a good thing that she woke up or the rest of us sure would not have.  Keaton asked if she could ride with Robby to take Campbell.  Of course, he would let her but he asked her if she would be good and when he was finally finished teasing her, she was so excited about getting to go....and she even came home with a "small money from the gas station."
  • The rest of us started on our school work.  We finished a bit early today so I told everyone they would have to finish their work before playing their kindle or watching tv this afternoon and those kids all did finish their work.  (Reagan did finish her math but had plenty of mistakes for her to fix-bless her!)  Since we have been finishing early, that means that we haven't had time to do our together work so we will make plenty of time for that tomorrow-mainly reading since I am starting to wonder what will happen on our current book (James and the Giant Peach)
  • Why the rush during school?  Grannymom and Grandpa came back today for another day of work-they love us so much they just can't stay away!  The sheds are cleaned, organized and look perfect right now-seriously, the kids could sleep in them.  And the tree house is stained along with the picnic table.  Our next outside projects-staining the new boards of the shed (probably just the whole thing) and while the stain is out, I will probably stain my bench and chair on the front porch and then it will soon be leaf raking time.  Though I did read an article today about how we should mulch our leaves and not rake them-that sounds like a wonderful, excellent idea to me!
  • Robby picked Campbell up from school and also picked up lunch while he was out.  We all came in to eat and Whitman was very excited since after lunch, he knew he was going to get to go outside.  Most of the afternoon the kids spent their time playing in the dirt pile-Robby had some sand in his shed that he put on their pile and I found some garden tools for them to have so that just made their day.  Whitman spent his time being swung by Reagan and Anderson, running from Campbell, playing in the playhouse, again trying to climb the ladder to the tree house and stealing drinks from any drink he could find laying around.
  • Eventually, Robby did convince Keaton and Whitman to go in and take a nap-he did have to bribe them with a shower first but that helped and they all slept for the rest of the afternoon.  My others watched tv and then we started on showers.  
  • The plan was to go and eat ice cream tonight but Graham started to act puny and even took himself a really good nap.  For the past few days and even this morning, Graham has said occasionally that his stomach hurts but then he has been fine.  Tonight he just didn't seem to fine at all but by the end of the evening he did perk up and even have some brownie and then managed to sweet talk his way into sleeping on our bedroom.  I guess I will find out tonight if he has the stomach bug but he might just have a cold/fever since he has been coughing quite a bit today.  
  • Reagan and I snuck away to go and do a bit of shopping at Dana's garage sale.  I didn't find too much this time but Reagan racked up with lots of Lilli's clothes.  Her garage is so full of stuff that you would not believe it-all that matters to me is that I cleared that stuff out of my house.  My attic is breathing a sigh of relief!
  • We made it home in time for some brownies and to watch the last bit of Wipeout.  Then it was Bible story time followed by bedtime for all.  A few minutes ago, Graham walked into our living room holding his bear-he said that he couldn't sleep.  Well, of course not after sleeping for 3 hours this afternoon/evening.  And he is sleeping on our room, can probably hear our tv in this room and he can even hear Whitman still talking as he falls to sleep.  Hopefully, my G will sleep well tonight and soon fall asleep! 

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