March 10, 2015

Why Yes, We did Go Back to Menchies!

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  • If you had a bet made on if we were going to get up early this morning, I will go ahead and let you know that we did not get out of bed on time or even near on time.  It is probably not a good thing to bet on us getting out of bed at a decent time tomorrow either.  I was the first one dressed and ready today because I knew we were already getting a late start and we had to get school done quickly.
  • Rushing the kids never really makes for a great start of the day.  Things were going well for a bit but then my Anderson and Graham continued to distract each other. Robby suggested that we move their desks as far away from each other as we can-he was just thinking in the school room but I have a good mind to move their desks on opposite ends of the house.  
  • And Campbell, who was home today because of parent-teacher conferences, was a big distraction too.  This was my fault though because I have slacked off on preparing her school work to do so she had plenty of free time.  I need to fill her boxes and start gradually easing her in to how kindergarten will be next year.
  • I had wanted to leave at 10:45 today and the kids were in the car just waiting on me.  I was busy grabbing everything I needed to make cupcakes for Anderson's Bible study snack tomorrow.  I had loaded my last cupcake thing in the car, when I asked Anderson "you did say cupcakes, right?"  And he said "no, I changed my mind and wanted the cookies."  Arrgh, so I returned my cupcake stuff and just grabbed my bag of chocolate chips hoping that Nonna had enough supplies to make the cookies at her house.  Of course, I should have asked him before I started loading up the car but that is how I roll.  And all of the cupcake talk was clearly heard by Whitman and he cried "cake, cake" all the way to Nonna's house!
  • Campbell was pretty nervous about me going to her parent-teacher conference.  I know my Campbell and I knew that her conference would be just fine.  I was right and I believe that the exact word that Ms. Stacy used for Campbell was "fabulous."  This is our 4th time to have Ms. Stacy and usually the kids on this first parent-teacher conference have at least one or two things that the need to work on but not my Campbell.  Every little C on her report card was circled (c for complete).  Ms. Stacy said that Campbell can always get her coat on by herself and always helps the other kids.  She also can help Ms. Stacy put on the clean up music when the other kids can't do that.  
  • When I made it back to Nonna's house, I started telling Nonna everything that Ms. Stacy had said.  Campbell quickly heard that word "fabulous" and was pretty pleased with herself and pretty pleased that her good report had earned a trip to Menchies for frozen yogurt.  (It was kids eat free this afternoon but they didn't have to know that.)
  • Also when I did get to Nonna's house the boys were sitting down.  Of course the girls immediately started telling me exactly what had happened so I asked Anderson.  I said "why are you sitting down?" and my sweet honest Anderson replied "we are just tired and resting."  About this time, Graham who was on the couch starting boo-hooing.  I quickly made my boys apologize to Nonna and then later I got the scoop from her-she said Anderson had Graham in a head lock and was hitting him pretty good.  I know boys will be boys but gracious me!
  • We had our lunch, made our cookies, cleaned up and then with Nonna we headed to Menchies for our yogurt.  The kids are now spoiled thinking that can fill their yogurt cups to the top and then load on the toppings-next time we go to another yogurt place, we will have to serve up their yogurt ourselves so we don't go broke!  Whitman even had his cup of yogurt today and was so proud-he did eat most of it with his hand but that didn't matter to him at all! (or me-6th kid!)
  • When then dropped of Nonna and headed home.  The kids did some more of their school work and then started watching their movies.  I did my treadmill time and then ran downstairs to finish my delicious supper-spaghetti squash.  Now, I knew this wouldn't go over too well so I even made a bit of real spaghetti noodles.  Reagan, Keaton and Campbell did pretty well and ate their spaghetti squash, noodles, sauce and meatballs.  I watched Anderson take a bite of his spaghetti noodles and it had some squash on it too and I sat there giggling as he tried everything he could to keep that squash down.  Whitman didn't touch his at all and I am pretty sure that Robby barely touched his either.  But they all tried something new and that is good-next week is quinoa!
  • The evening went by pretty quickly and after showers, some cookies (I couldn't send them all to bed hungry) and Bible story time, it was finally bed time.  For some reason, Anderson said as we were tucking him in "if we were in the olden days, he would be working by now" and then he added "probably in a coal mine."  Um, maybe so.

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