March 22, 2015

Did you wake me up to take my picture?
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  • Church morning and I was a bit relieved to hear the rain hitting the window this morning-that meant 2 things: no yard work this afternoon and a rainy afternoon nap.  We had big plans last night of yard work this afternoon but then the weather had other plans.  Hopefully, we can still get some more leaves done this week.
  • The excitement this morning during breakfast was the new kind of doughnuts I had bought-there were the traditional powdered along with the chocolate covered but I also grabbed a bag of "crunch" doughnuts.  I tried one as Robby passed it out and surprisingly the crunch was made out of coconut.  We kept that on the down-low so maybe no one would notice and I guess they didn't really since Reagan decided that she liked those best.
  • Our Sunday school class was down from our usual 15ish to 7 this morning and that was a pretty perfect number.  We usually end with some hangman and Robby arrived with the rest of our kids during our final hangman rounds-of course, Anderson on down all have guesses and the 3rd graders always get so upset if Anderson or Graham solve the puzzle before they do.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house today and they had hamburgers and all of the fixings.  We even had some time for the kids to play before coming home.  Graham immediately started building a tent like the one he slept in the other night, the little girls did some drawing but mostly played baby dolls, I think that Anderson watched some tv and I really don't know what Reagan did!  I do know that Whitman just jumped from one place to another getting into trouble at every turn.
  • Back at home, Robby and I tried to nap but the kids were so needy this afternoon-spilling milk, asking for a snack, and on and on the list went.  It would have been comical if it was happening to someone else!  Our nap was pretty light since we had about a zillion interruptions.  
  • We went to the Wilsons this evening for a bit of trip planning.  I whipped up some brownies and Robby picked up some pizza.  The kids were so excited about getting to go over there and play-or maybe they were excited that we didn't have to clean the toy room.  Reagan, Layne, Campbell and Keaton mostly played American Girl dolls and the boys played on the xbox (or whatever).  Everyone was really good and we even managed to stay until almost 10.  
  • On the way home, Anderson said "my throat hurts and it did the last time that I went to Brets."  By the time we made it home (less than a mile) my boy was wheezing away-it took us a bit to realize it but they have a cat.  We showered Anderson and doped him up and he was fine.  After his shower, he said "so I can't go back there?" and I assured him that next time we will just have to do his medicine before we go.  Then when we went to bed he asked "wish they had a shot you could take for allergies."  I added that they do but you have to take it each week for a year or two!
  • Everyone was great coming in and getting on their pjs.  We were back downstairs unpacking our bag when we saw the camera and realized that we hadn't taken pictures of the kids so back up we went. I was shocked that Keaton and Campbell were already sound asleep-how do you fall asleep in 9 minutes? 

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