March 6, 2015

"Let me get back to you on that!"

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  • Keaton was the first one to crawl into our bed this morning and most everyone else stayed upstairs in the toy room.  Reagan eventually came downstairs and told me that her foot was all better-it is still a bit swollen but she was playing soccer on it within minutes of being downstairs.  Now last night, Robby and I stood at the bottom of the steps and watched her crawl up the stairs on her bum leg but today all was well!
  • I think the kids are getting used to Robby being home on our snow days and we will miss him when the sun starts shining and he has to go back to work.  Oh, he does hide away in his little closet and works from home on these days but it is just not the same when he is gone.  (And it is especially nice to be able to say "go act like that in front of your daddy" or "do you need to talk to your daddy?")
  • We had our breakfast this morning and then the kids begged to only have to do math and phonics before going outside.  I quickly agreed to this plan and they were off to work-now, my Anderson spent some time in the restroom (seriously, he is like a grown man with his bathroom time-I probably should install him a desk in there) and then he spent some time fooling around so Graham was almost finished with all of his school work by the time Anderson had finished his stuff.
  • I guess I zipped, gloved and wrapped everyone up for the last time this season and then I sent them out the door.  I did have to throw Whitman in the shower with Robby so he could be distracted while I sent the others out.  After a bit, I did run upstairs to the bonus room so I could look out the window to see what they were doing-sledding.  They even pulled out my old sled and it looked as if our sled track from yesterday had turned a bit icy and the sledding was much better.  
  • The kids were outside for quite a long time-long enough for me to give Whitman a snack, fold some laundry and pick up around the house.  Then they started trickling in one by one-Campbell and Keaton were the first to come in but it didn't take too long for them to decide to go back out so they redressed and then in about 10 minutes everyone was inside.
  • Robby helped Graham with his handwriting (oh gracious: young, left handed boy=not so good handwriting) while everyone else finished their school boxes.  Soon it was lunch time-noodles, nuggets and leftover biscuits.  Each time I make nuggets, I never seem to make quite enough even though each time I make them, I make more than the time before.  During lunch we read a bit and then it was time for chores.
  • Anderson spent the night with Nonna and Pops so he had to go and get his bag ready and the rest of us picked up some.  We were almost all done when Whitman spilled 3 lego bins-the greys, whites and black (yes, our legos our sorted by colors).  Of course those 3 bins are the ones that have the most legos but when I called out for all hands to be on deck, everyone came to help and we were soon picked up again.
  • Whitman took his nap while we did science.  When we had finished science, Nonna and Pops came to get Anderson.  A bit before they came, Whitman was fussing in the pantry wanting some food.  I was trying to distract him and said "look at my spaghetti squash, it is big and yellow."  Anderson walked by and said "oh, ya'll should eat that tonight."  I do believe that he was trying to get out of eating it.
  • After Nonna and Pops left, the kids watched a few movies and worked on a few craft projects.  I do love that they want to be creative and all but why, oh why does it have to make such a big mess.  Robby came home with a snack for everyone and not too much after that it was time for supper-turkey burgers.  They were delicious-and huge.  Robby sliced them all in half and it was still a lot of meat-and I guess we are raising another vegetarian to join Anderson-Whitman! He never touched his burger and come to think of it, he didn't eat any of his nuggets this afternoon.
  • After supper, Whitman took Keaton's hand to the shower and was insistent that they get a shower, so they had a shower before everyone went upstairs to play the wii for a bit before bed.  Cambpell and I worked on her a craft project during our wii games and while Campbell and Keaton were not playing, they were helping Whitman build a tower in the floor.  

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