March 19, 2015

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Having fun at Nonna and Pops!

  • I guess the late night out Tuesday night caught up with the kids this morning.  I had to go upstairs at almost 8 to wake everyone up.  Graham was coming out of their bedroom door as I was going in and he scared me to death!  I jumped and started laughing and of course all of this commotion woke up everyone else up-which was a good thing because Campbell did have to leave in just a few minutes after waking up.
  • I was able to quickly get Campbell and Keaton breakfast before they loaded up.  And just as they were about to close the doors of the car, I remembered Whitman and remembered how he would just love to go with his daddy (and how I would just love to do a little bit of school without him).  So I jerked that boy out of bed, threw some clothes on him and buckled him up before he was all the way awake!
  • They took Campbell to school and then ran to Rock Creek to pick up Reagan's sweater that we left yesterday.  As soon as we had made it to Beebee's place, she remembered it and asked if we could go back.  I assured her that we would get it another day and Robby was able to pick it up today-of course this was a win for Keaton and Whitman because they were able to play for a little bit. 
  • This was also a win for us back at the house because the kids were able to plug along on school and finish at a decent time.  Every so often, I have to go through the kids papers and weed out what the school papers that I keep, so I did that today before the little people came home plus I was able to work with Graham and Anderson.  I had just started to work with Reagan when everyone came home and Whitman was in a mood.  He just could not be appeased and eventually ended up in bed-he fussed for a bit but then he started his happy singing.  (I figured he had calmed down some but since Robby was already headed to pick Campbell back up from school, I just left him in bed until lunch.)
  • At lunch, we pulled Whitman out of bed and he was just fine until we set him down for lunch and again he started fussing.  Poor thing, he is so close to talking that he thinks he can communicate better than he can and I am sure that frustrates him to no end but screaming will never get your way so back to bed he went.  Keaton and Campbell were beside themselves worrying about if Whitman was going to get his lunch and drink.  After he did stop fussing, I brought him back to the kitchen and he ate happily as I read a book....
  • Until I finished 2 picture books and started reading out chapter book.  That is when he started fussing again-he wanted to see the pictures.  So with one hand I held the chapter book that I was reading and with the other hand, I held up the picture book and would stop occasionally to turn the pages.  This made Whitman very happy and of course that made me happy.
  • After lunch, everyone worked to pick this place up a bit and then they had some free time for a pretty long time.  I finally did put Whitman down for his real afternoon nap and he was happy to lay down (all that fussing makes a boy tired).  We did our science and are almost finished with it-I though we would never finish it this year and alas we have.
  • The kids watched a few movies this afternoon and Keaton and Campbell played church.  I even turned on a Bible story movie them to watch so they could pretend like it was their sermon.  I think they watched for a few minutes before leaving "church" early.  After I was ready, the kids packed their pajamas for their evening at Nonna's house and then we all loaded up.
  • Robby and I went to eat at Market Grill while the kid stayed with Nonna and Pops.  I had left them a St. Patrick's Day scavenger hunt and the supplies to make a paper rainbow.  Nonna even had green cookies so they had quite the St. Pattie's Day celebration and yes, I do know that St. Patrick's Day has passed but the kids enjoyed the activities and they enjoyed Pops' pizza so everyone had a good night.
  • Robby and I ate our meal and then walked around Whole Foods-they are selling real grass there for Easter baskets.  I can not imagine that people would buy real grass-it even smells like cow manure (I am the one that sniffed it!)  We just walked through the entire store thinking how crazy people are and speaking of crazy, 6 dollars for a gallon of milk is a bit crazy.  So we went to a store that is more like us-Sams.  And their milk is currently cheaper than Kroger so we loaded up.  
  • After that, we picked up the kids and headed home.  After our short Bible story, we put everyone in bed and then we went to unload our Sams shopping.  

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