March 20, 2015

It was a Coke Float kind of night...
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  • The Dennie menu says that Fridays are mom's choice for breakfast but some days, but I didn't have anything planned so we went back to earlier in the week and had toast since we missed it earlier in the week since all of the bread was frozen.  Everyone seemed fine with that so after eating up, we started school.
  • School went well for most today-for some it didn't go so well.  Campbell, who isn't that used to school here, was told that she had to do her reading book, her phonics pages and 2 other pages.  I started telling her that last night but still this morning when she understood that I actually meant it, she was quite upset!  The child will go upstairs to throw her little fit and then will come back down a different child ready to comply with whatever asked.  I am getting more and more concerned about her being here next year-she will do fine but I will probably have to start her school a bit early so she can get my full attention for a few days.
  • We did manage to finish our little school early enough to work together before lunch.  I did cave and let the kids all have a piece of candy while we did our reading.  Whitman quickly ate his and then went from kid to kid trying to have another bite or two-his favorite was anyone who would let him have a lick of their lollipop (that might be why he went into the kitchen tonight and found himself a lollipop, opened it and gladly brought it into the living room to enjoy-I did take it away and traded him for some MMs.)
  • After lunch, we all worked on cleaning the house-and just for grins, I had everyone stay in the same room so we could all work together.  It is amazing how some little people can work so hard and others can avoid work so well-I would love to raise a family of hard working little children but my current goal is to just have 1 out of 3 that work hard!  
  • We had a very late lunch and before too long, Nonna and Pops were here to pick Graham up for his night out. A few weeks ago when Anderson was with them, he spent 2 hours with them getting their taxes done.  And before Graham left, Anderson told his brother that he hoped he got to go to the tax place too-brotherly love.  I think Graham ended up getting to go to the car shop and having some popcorn and coke there so that was sure a win for him.
  • This afternoon, I did my treadmill time and the kids watched their movie.  For some reason this afternoon before I realized it, it was 4 and Whitman was still asleep and I didn't have anything else to do.  Amazing!  That time only lasted for a few minutes and soon Whitman was up and there was lots to do-things can change just like that around here-from calm to crazy in a matter of seconds.
  • Robby arrived home with HBs for supper and we devoured it before letting everyone play.  The drama tonight was Campbell becoming so upset when Whitman messed up her train track that she had been working on.  Campbell had been working hard but she doesn't get how to redirect Whitman and instead causes him to want to play with whatever she doesn't want for him to touch.  There were tears, flying trains and lots of drama but eventually every calmed down.
  • We watched our alligator show and had coke floats which has apparently has made the kids act crazy after we tucked them into bed.  Keaton was so cute, grinning at us as she slyly climbed the ladder trying to get into Graham's bed.  We let her sleep in that bed and Robby has now been upstairs 3 times and me once.  Keaton has been put back into her crib and Campbell has been moved to the toy room.  Gracious me!

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