March 14, 2015

Workday for Barnabas Project 2015!
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  • Since those lights were off last night, that meant that Robby and I went to bed with the house a bit of a mess so even though we barely woke up on time, we still had to deal with the mess from last night (oh, it wasn't much-just the clean dishes, Whitman's seat, flashlights everywhere, things like that.)  The kids were were pretty excited about today since they didn't know what this Barnabas Project that we kept talking about would be about.
  • We arrived at church, just a bit after 9.  I had thought that Keaton's teachers might just be Grannymom and Grandpa but wasn't really sure so I kept telling her "You will love your teachers."  When I arrived, I found out that hers weren't G-mom and G-pa but still when we saw her teachers I exclaimed "oh, you will love your teachers!" (even though she didn't know them)...and she had blast!
  • After dropping her off, I picked up Whitman and told him that he was really going to love his teachers.  I told him that Grannymom and Grandpa would be in his class and even though he said their names, I don't really think he knew what I was talking about.  When I dropped him off, he saw Grannymom and slowly approached her like he wasn't too sure if it was really her so someone else.  He was just as happy as he could be and when I came to pick him up, I wasn't too sure that he was going to come to me and leave Grannymom and Grandpa. 
  • Our project today for Barnabas was Davis Elementary right near the church house.  The kids had never been to a school building before so this was all pretty new to them.  Immediately the kids joined the other kids in raking up pine straw.  I helped spray paint some bike racks and Robby helped as well.  The projects consisted of painting the bike racks, laying paver stones under the new shed that we (not us but other workers) put together, planting lots of bulbs and plants, raking a flower bed, filling those flower beds with pine straw, laying 2 pallets of sod, moving quite a few bales of hay and putting out new paver stones.
  • The kids worked pretty well.  They would try to work but the gym was often calling their names.  But when they were asked to work they did work hard and Reagan would ask me occasionally if there was anything for her to do.  But with a combined 40 folks at our site, it was often hard to come up with something for her to do or even for me to do.  We all tried to stay busy and everyone was pretty tired when we did make it home.
  • Around lunch time, church folks arrived with hot dogs and hamburgers for us along with chips, water and cookies.  We were able to eat in the cafeteria so after lunch, I was able to help clean up the cafeteria some.  After lunch, it started sprinkling some and after a bit more working, we headed back to church to pick up the littles.
  • Seriously, we were all pretty tired and after everyone had showers, we all pretty much laid around all afternoon long.  The kids worked on picking up the toy room some and then supper.  And as soon as they finished supper those babies of mine went right back upstairs and played in that perfectly clean toy room for almost an hour-when they finally came downstairs it was again a mess!
  • We watched a short movie and then it was time for bed for my crew and we will be headed that way too!

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