March 27, 2015

This ice cream is COLD!
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  • Oh, the last day of spring break and we even celebrated by sleeping late and having muffins for breakfast.  Some folks weren't crazy excited about the muffins but I was and they were devoured so I count that as a win.  
  • We did our little bit of school work-more work on their upcoming oral reports, some reading, Reagan worked on her writing, Graham did handwriting, Anderson read to me and Campbell made a game for Keaton while Whitman showed off his skills with some wooden puzzles.  For some reason, we finished earlier than we had all week so they pulled out their kindles and even did a bit of cleaning before lunch.
  • The boys were probably relieved that I didn't have laundry for them to do.  The other day, I realized that my boys had not a clue about how to put away their laundry so I declared that would be their job for a long bit.  I knew that I had been mainly having Reagan put away the laundry after I folded it but she does such a good job but I guess it is time for someone else to learn that skill.
  • At lunch, we read a few more library books.  I realized that I have nearly 60 books checked out right now.  I love getting lots of library books but I really, really like turning them in so I have been on a quest to read as many as possible.  
  • The afternoon was spent most relaxing around here.  I did my treadmill time and the kids watched tv and played on their kindles.  Keaton did cuddle up with me on the couch and we snoozed for a few minutes.  I thought she was sound asleep but as soon as I got out from under her, she woke right up.  
  • Supper tonight was at Denny's!  How fun was that-and silly me, I forgot the camera.  I am not sure the kids thought it was as fun as I did-the Dennies going to Dennys.  We ordered what seemed like a lot of food but by the time we divided it up, I was having to gobble it up so I would have something left on my plate.  All of the kids had said they wanted bacon but when they saw our sausage they ate it.  Graham was finished with his pancake and starting on mine by the time I had opened my own silverware.  Reagan saw my hashbrowns and said that she wanted to try those and Robby was on the other end of the table fighting them off of his cinnamon pancakes.  And even though Whitman ate all of his lunch, he kept pointing to my pancake, Robby's pancakes or the bacon saying "this one" "this one" until he was given some of that one!  We did all have enough food...but just barely!  
  • Next up was to Walgreens for passport card photosfor our little drive in Canada and Niagara this summer.  We had a bit of a wait so we had to walk up and down the aisles so the kids wouldn't go nuts.  My photo makes me look like I am 50 and Robby's makes him look like he is a criminal-yep, they are really that bad! 
  • Then we were headed to Grannymom's house to do her taxes.  I was telling Robby that I should have brought her sign and that jogged Robby's memory that he needed his computer so home we went.  We had our ice cream at home and then it was bedtime for my crew.  
  • One child-the blonde one-got into a bit of trouble before bedtime.  That child is a mess and was pretty devastated that she didn't get to hear the Bible story tonight.  She is lucky she doesn't have to sleep in the bonus room tonight or the shed!

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