March 2, 2015

Come along for the ride...

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  • Again, I sure hated to wake up Campbell for school this morning but as soon as she was awake enough to understand that it was Ms. Stacy day, she was down the stairs in a flash.  We were running late enough today that she ate her breakfast in the car-she even ran out of time and didn't get to eat half of her cutie orange.  
  • Back at home, the rest of us started the day with our Bible reading, breakfast and then school work.  My Reagan quickly started to work but my boys didn't do so well.  I urged, guided, redirected and everything else I could do to kindly get them to work and it would work for a few minutes but then they would soon be fooling around again.  That didn't go over too well with me so I politely explained that they would not watch any movies today or play their kindles-that did quickly get their attention.
  • At 11, we did our together work while Whitman napped-not really napped, he was above us in Keaton's crib jumping up and down the entire time.  Then I let the boys work on some more of their school work until lunch time.
  • We had our lunch and read.  After lunch it was chore time.  We do chores every day after lunch and usually I do my best to keep Whitman in his seat until we have picked up most everything around the house.  Sometimes I am able to do this but it is the only way to give us a fighting chance to get the house picked up for at least a few minutes.  
  • In absence of electronics for the boys, they quickly pulled out some craft projects which drew everyone to the school room for a time and then they moved to the kitchen to make a huge domino track.  I was letting Whitman stay up a bit longer than usual-until he ran towards the kitchen table full of their dominoes.  We all grabbed him just in time and I ran him upstairs for his afternoon nap.
  • The afternoon did fly by for me-Reagan said it lasted forever for her probably because she was all alone watching her movies.  I did let the boys along with Whitman, who didn't nap very long, watch the show I was watching while I was on the treadmill.  Pretty much during that entire time, Keaton was bringing toys up into the bonus room, pulling out games to play and getting food for Whitman.  She is quite the little helper but quite the little mess maker!
  • Campbell had spent the afternoon with Grannymom, Lilli and Cash and even got to play at Rock Creek for a bit.  She had a blast and was ready to get home-she quickly found Reagan and joined her watching a movie.  It wasn't too long though before we had supper ready.
  • I know I have mentioned it before but some meals are a hit and some are not.  Our chili was a hit for some-Campbell didn't touch hers, Reagan cleaned her bowl, Anderson wouldn't eat any until Robby took all of his corn out, Whitman spit out a bean when I put it in his mouth and Keaton and Graham ate most of theirs.  My non-chili eaters better learn to like that chili since there is half a crockpot left...maybe I will save it for the snow day coming up!
  • The kids migrated to the school room after supper and a few showers.  That was fine except Whitman stared grabbing the paint and running through the house.  He usually takes the markers and runs around and that is bad enough but tubes of paint was much worse.  I finally tackled him enough times that he gave up on his beloved paint.
  • We had been watching Duck Dynasty some in the evenings but we have caught up, so we watched some crocodile killing show-it was definitely eye opening and I am betting that at least 1 Dennie will have a nightmare tonight!

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